If you have ever visited a major city, like New York City, it wont be uncommon at all to see massive flocks of pigeons that have staked their claim over what was intended to be a peaceful hub for tourists and regulars alike. Unfortunately, where pigeons congregate so also does the unpleasant nature of bird feces and sheer annoyance pollute an otherwise inviting metropolitan area. Much like portrayed accurately in movies, pigeons are oftentimes synonymous with filth and unpleasantry throughout the year.

While city officials struggle to determine the best, most feasible, solution to the evident overpopulation of pigeons, as well as, the illnesses they carry, follow the steps in this Info Barrel article in order to make your living area less attractive and livable to these overwhelming creatures.

Things You Will Need

Methyl Anthranilate
Plastic or Metal Pigeon Spikes

Step 1

Many online and offline pet stores carry a substance called Methyl Anthranilate, which is derived from grapes and is found in the flavoring in grape soda. In this first step, you should obtain this substance from your nearest pet store, and liberally cover any surface where these pesky creatures may congregate. If your home is in an area that is susceptible to repeated pigeon aggregation and annoyance, your front porch, grass, and house side may be a great place to pour this substance. While Methyl Anthranilate won't necessarily kill the pigeon pests, it will subtly train and condition them to stay away from the area in the future. If the pigeons begin to associate the area with an unpleasant taste they will seek out new areas and leave the old areas behind.

Step 2

Even though they will occasionally stroll through town like they own it, pigeons do oftentimes like to solidify their annoying presence by seeking suitable locations to perch on. Such perch-able locations include surfaces that are typically out juttings from establishing buildings, like windowsills or overhangs. Covering these perch-able areas, with plastic spikes, can be a great way to keep pigeons away from where you live and help to further control the pigeon population.

While plastic spikes can be used, metal spikes may cost a bit more but can be even more so effective in keeping pigeons away. Both types of spikes can be found both online and offline, as well, at major hardware stores like Home Depot, ACE Hardware, or Lowes. You can also find both plastic and metal pigeon spikes at trusted online retailers like Amazon.com.

Pigeons are some of the most pesky and relentless creatures that can leave an unwelcomed footprint of feces and illness wherever they congregate. In order to best ensure that your home area is safe from pigeons, the previous mentioned steps have provided you with the tools, methods, and strategies that you need in order to control this population of creatures.

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