It is passing strange that MS Word is currently the worlds most popular word processor and yet it won't save files in Adobe's PDF file format. Considering that the veritable PDF is the worlds most popular document distribution format you would think the two would have formed a strategic alliance. There are many commercial converters available but a large number of them will not pick up hyperlinks from Word and have them work in PDF files. This article fixes both issues as easy as you please and without costing you anything but time.


Difficulty: Moderate

Things You'll Need:

  • Microsoft Word
  • A Google Account

Log into your google account and navigate to the documents section. The URL will be

Click on UPLOAD then click BROWSE. Navigate to your Word document and click OPEN. Then click UPLOAD FILE.

Your document is now open in Google Docs. Click FILE > DOWNLOAD FILE AS > PDF

Save the file to an easy to find place. Your PDF file is complete and any links in the original doc will work.


  • Be sure to remove the document from Googles online storage if it is sensitive information.