Save Time and Effort by Letting Lotus Notes Work For You

Converting emails to calendar items is one of the best tricks for managing your Inbox in Lotus Notes. When an email arrives in your Inbox that requests and meeting and has information about something you need to do at a particular time, you can easily move it into your Calendar using this simple trick.

 Say, for example, you signed up for a webinar. You get an email back confirming your registration. You could copy the contents, open your Calendar, navigate to the date and then create an appointment, but this is really time consuming. Here’s an easier way.

 1) When the email arrives in your Inbox, right click on it and in the menu that pops-up, choose “Copy Into New” and “Calendar Entry”.

 2) The “Copy Into” dialogue box open with the following options:


Lotus Notes Copy Email to Calendar EntryCredit: Andrew Hecht

3) Select the option that you is appropriate for your needs. In this case, we’re going to select “Appointment”.  Then click the “OK” button.

4) A new Calendar Entry form is open. You’ll notice a couple of things right away. The first is that the selection you made in Step 3 can be seen in the “Type” drop down box. If you’re not happy with your original selection, say you chose Appointment, but really wanted to create a Meeting, you can change it here. The second is that the Subject of the email is now the Subject of the Calendar Entry. You can edit it if you wish, but Lotus Notes saves you the trouble of copying the title from the original. The last is that the entire contents of the email has been copied into the Description tab. Once again Lotus Notes has done the heaving lifting for you. Of course, you can edit the contents as desired.

 5) Final steps are the change the time and the location. To change the time use the drop down boxes in the When section. To change the location, add the location information in the Where section.

 6)  To change the location, add the location information in the Where section.

7) When you’re happy with your new Calendar Entry, click on the “Save and Close” button in the top right and the entry will be added to your Calendar.

 That’s it. You’ve created a Calendar Entry from an Email and saved yourself tons of time.