It's no surprise that, as of late, many people are beginning to recognize the global importance of engulfing themselves in a much greener lifestyle. Even though you may have succumbed to this recognition a long time ago, your family members may be particularly reluctant or hesitant to take the same plunge in ideas or beliefs that you have. This doesn't make them bad people, however adhering to a much greener lifestyle can ultimately have a positive impact in so many ways ranging from the resultant financial savings to general care for the environment.

There truly is no better time than now then to begin having this kind of impact. With clear personal ties to this issue, you can take your beliefs to an even more personal level by explicitly involving your family members. Unfortunately, many of your family members may already be turned on to your green lifestyle, so, it is important to approach them in a positive manner, while armed with facts, data, benefits, and simple ways to conserve energy that won't cost them much. In the long run, if approached in the best way, you can use the following steps to prove to your reluctant family members that caring for the environment is something that could ultimately impact them in a positive financial way in the long term.

Things You Will Need

Energy Efficient Light Bulbs

Step 1

Like anything in life, people seem to be more interested in seeing people who actually live the lifestyle that they convey as being important. Nothing bothers people more then when someone is so hypocritical that they tell them to do one thing while they don't even adhere to it themselves. This is completely understandable. When you talk to your family members about living a green lifestyle, it is important that you make sure that you are living it yourself, at least to some degree. This is a surefire way to gain at least some credibility. While it may not be quite enough to convince them to change or alter their own lifestyle, they will respect you more because you actually "walk the walk" instead of just "talking the talk".

You can make serious headway with your family by simply turning off lights before you leave your house, riding your bike instead of your car, and recycling. With just a little creativity, you propel yourself into the position as an environmental role model in your family without being overly pushing about your own beliefs.

Step 2

Oftentimes family members may see going green as a complicated and annoying series of chores. While you may have been able to fully integrate greenness into your own lifestyle, you do also have to remember that your family members may be starting from scratch. The last thing they will want is for this new lifestyle to appear like a significant amount of work. Fortunately, you can be armed with a whole boatload of viable alternatives and suggestions that can actually save money while really presenting less of a need for real work.

By simply using less of your energy resources around your home, you can really take great strides to help the environment, while also saving on your own water and electrical bills. Rather than taking baths, you can take quick shower. Instead of using a significant amount of light, you can defer to candles at times. While we aren't exactly in colonial America, the truth is, candles can actually have an aesthetic appeal that many find welcoming and inviting. They can create a general air and ambiance that can be embraced by your family while you shut off your television and play a few board games in the evening.

Step 3

To build upon our last step, you can even go so far as to really make environmentalism fun for your family. By purposefully injecting a degree of competition into things like recycling, you can really engage especially the younger generation of your family. By simply taking them for a walk to the park, you can instill in them a sense of care and stewardship for nature, in general. It is at times like this where you can have them plant a tree or water one that is currently growing already. Doing crafts with your children, that involve some elements of nature (like leaves or branches), can really also go a long way in helping children to understand the importance of safeguarding their environment.

Step 4

There are so many easy ways to begin going green, that really don't incur a huge financial burden at all. In fact, doing things such as shutting off lights is something that you should convey to your family members about doing any way. Many stores like Home Depot and Lowe's, offer energy efficient light bulbs that can be used pretty much immediately just by simply replacing your old light bulbs. Chances are that your old light bulbs are ready to be changed anyway, so this may be a perfect opportunity to do this and involve your family in the process.

By simply explaining things to your family, and children, you can further reinforce your credibility with them and their willingness to further employ green energy principles into their lives. When the time comes to purchase a new household appliance, you can take your children to the store to look for more energy efficient appliances. While there, you can explain to your children that, even though an appliance may cost a little more now, that it could really help to save your family money in the long term. With that extra money, you can explain that your family will now have the extra money to do even more activities with them. Saving money is actually a very compelling case that can really go a long way with your family members when trying to convince them to go green.

Tips & Warnings

It is very important to begin instilling these green principles in your children at an early age. By teaching them to be good stewards of their environment, these values can oftentimes trickle into other important aspects of their lives such as fiscal conservatism and general time management.

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