How to Cook Acorn Squash

in Three Easy Steps!

Acorn squash, a popular fall vegetable, is a rich source of nutrients.  However, the classic way of filling it with brown sugar or maple syrup can defeat the health benefits of this nifty botanical veggie.  Available in most grocery stores, they can typically be found in the produce areas along the outside edges of the market.  Try to select one with as much stem still attached as possible, these will typically have more flavor and stay fresher for longer.  After making your selection, be sure to stow it in a cool, dry, area to keep it fresh.

Before preparing your acorn squash, be sure to rinse the outside of its "shell".  Next, cut it in half the 'short way' and scoop the seeds out into the trash.  Place it gutted-side-down on a plate and microwave for approx. 5-6 minutes on high.  Be sure to let it sit for at least a minute in the microwave to cool off before removing.

To check if the squash is cooked properly, take a spoon or a fork and try scooping some of the meat out.  It should be tender and remove easily.  If it is still hard or hasn't softened enough, put it back in the microwave for another minute or two.

When your acorn squash is properly cooked (and while it is still hot) lightly spread butter or better yet, coconut butter on it.  Then sprinkle some sea salt to add a touch of flavor.  Your squash is now ready to eat!

Serve with any sort of oven-roasted fowl or other savory dish to balance out the sweet flavor of the acorn squash...or just eat it by itself.  Microwaved, it makes a quick and easy healthy alternative for a snack!  Remember to save the other half of your squash by placing it face-down on a plate or in a plastic ziplok container for later on!

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