Fresh ArtichokesCredit: Flickr/La Grande Farmers Market

Cooking artichokes may seem overwhelming to a person who has never did it before but once they cook artichoke for the first time you will realize how easy it is cook artichoke. There are numerous methods of used to cook and season artichokes. Here are three of the most common methods of cooking artichokes.


Boiling artichokes is by far the most common method. Boiling artichokes is the only way many people have ever cooked it. Simply fill you pan with water, heat the water to boiling and then submerse your artichoke into the boiling water. Let the artichoke cook until it is tender enough that you can stick a fork into the center easily. Some people prefer the artichoke heavily boiled whole while others prefer to keep it semi Al dente.

You can boil the artichoke whole, but some people prefer to cut the artichoke in half length wise and then stick it into the water to boil. Experiment around and see which method of boiling artichokes you prefer to use in your kitchen.


Steaming artichokes is a great way to cook up the perfect healthy snack. Steaming takes longer than boiling it, but you will retain more of the essential vitamins and nutrients within the artichoke heart which suggests that steamed artichokes may be healthier for your body then boiling artichokes.

Steamed artichokes take about 45 minutes to an hour to properly cook fully.  Pull off an outer leaf on the artichoke. If the outer leaves separate easily from the artichoke then it is cooked and ready to eat.


Take a microwaveable plastic bag and place the artichoke inside of it. Poke a few holes in the top of the bag for proper ventilation and cook. Microwave times vary but you can expect the artichoke to be cooked fully within 6-8 minutes. Experiment around and find the proper microwave time needed to cook artichoke in your microwave. The process for cooking an artichoke in the microwave is the same process used to cook potatoes in the microwave.