Family meals can be very beneficial in the fight against overweight, especially for children. Preparing healthy meals for the family does not mean that we must fill our busy schedule and do more shopping and bear more hours of meal preparation.

We eat certain foods because they taste good, or because we love them without wondering if the food is healthy or not. For example, many people enjoy foods like pizza, hamburgers, French fries and other salty-fat foods, and keep the healthy broccoli and other vegetables away. Why? Perhaps because of the contrast of flavors and the lack of information for cooking healthy foods. 

The following tips will guide you to get healthy eating habits, which leads to nutritious food that will appeal to all members of the family.

Decide the best way to cook certain foods

Following the acquisition of healthy foods, you should also make sure to use healthy cooking methods for their preparation. The best methods of preparing food are cooking, boiling, steaming and grilling. You should avoid fried foods as much as possible, because it produces too much fat, especially in the cooking of meat. If you want fried food, be sure to use good oils like olive oil, vegetable oil, corn oil, palm oil and rapeseed oil. You can cook meals in a healthy way, using creams and sauces such as tomato sauce. When using milk or cream, you can make it with low-fat or skim milk. You can also use soy milk as a substitute.

Sautéed vegetables

If you are tired of preparing vegetables which taste bland, you can better prepare them sauteing. You can do this using a little vegetable oil or chicken broth instead of oil, and sprinkle herbs on them. You can add a spicy taste of new vegetables with a little chopped chives sprinkled on them. 

Grilling Vegetables

Another healthy way to cook vegetables is to roast them, especially root vegetables. You can also prepare vegetables, squash, and cauliflower simply by cutting to pieces, and then roast them in the oven at 220 ° C. .Diced vegetables should be removed when they become tender.

Choose lean meats

When it comes to preparing meat, you should prefer purchasing any type of lean meat, which contains only small amounts of saturated fat. The best choice of meat are fish and chicken. If you like red meat, and I do not know what to choose, ask the butcher what part fits your needs. You can also buy ground beef , which is 85 percent lean. So when preparing meat for healthy cuisine, be sure to turn off the excess fat.

Use marinades when cooking lean meat

While cooking lean meat, marinades can be used, because they prevent meat from drying out and flavors the meat. Marinade breaks down connective tissue in meat, so that it offers a softer meat. You can buy them in stores or prepare marinades at home, using ingredients such as herbs, spices and red wine or balsamic vinegar. Yogurt is a good marinade for chicken and you can mix it with lemon juice, pepper, salt and other spices.