When you go to a fancy steakhouse like Ruth's Chris or Morton's, you will notice that the quality of the steak is often better than what you can make at home.  Compared to eating steak at home, it seems like everything just tastes better at the steakhouse.  

This is because most people cook their steak differently compared to how chefs at the steakhouse cook their steaks.  And while you may not have the commerical grade equipment and culinary school education that these chefs have, you can make steaks that are very similar to the ones you get at nice restaurants with an oven and a cast iron pan!


  1. First, buy steak. However, don't buy just any cut of meat; make sure you get steak of good quality! While steakhouses like Ruth's Chris often use the considerably more expensive dry-aged steaks, you can use prime-grade steaks from your local supermarket as long as it is fresh. Don't be afraid of fat either; the fat in cuts like the ribeye steak is one of the reasons the steak tastes so good.  If you really want to use a dry-aged steak, try practicing on some non-dry-aged meat first to get the hang of this method.

  2. Next, preheat your oven to 450 degrees. Have your cast-iron skillet inside too so that it will heat up with your oven.

  3. Now get your steak ready for cooking. It should not be frozen or cold. Leave it on the counter for a little bit so that it warms up slightly. However, make sure you observe proper food handling techniques. Do not leave the steak out for too long as that can make you sick with food poisoning.

  4. When the steak has warmed up a little bit, rub it in oil. You will not be oiling your skillet so you will need to put oil on the steak instead. Right before you start cooking, rub in some garlic salt and black pepper onto the steak as well. You need to wait before adding black pepper and salt because those ingredients will draw out the steak's moisture, which is not desirable.

  5. You may want to open the windows before you start the next few cooking instruction steps as you may produce a bit of smoke.

  6. Once the oven has reached 450 degrees, take out the cast-iron skillet. Be careful because the skillet is both very hot and very heavy. Put it on your stove and turn up the heat to high. Now take your steak and place it on the skillet. After about 45 seconds, flip the steak.

    For this step, you should cook using one side of the skillet so that when you flip the steak, you will have a fresh surface to work with. Also, use tongs to flip the steak. Do not pierce the steak to flip it as this will cause the steak to lose its juices.

  7. Flip the steak two more times at 45 second intervals.

  8. Next, take the skillet and steak and place it in the oven again. Leave it in for about 3 minutes, then flip the steak again.

  9. After another three minutes, your steak is ready. It should be medium done if you have an average-sized steak. However, this will vary from oven to oven so you may have to experiment with your times and temperatures a bit.

  10. If you want to serve your steak like Ruth's Chris, pour some melted butter on top of the steak after it is finished cooking.

Now you get to eat the steakhouse style steak in the comforts of your own home! Enjoy and bon appetit!