Decorative large clay covered pot

Such a delectable meal when you cook with terra cotta or clay cookware. You can prepare healthy or complex meals with this type of kitchen ware. There are some things that would be helpful for you to know about cooking with terra cotta or clay cookware. The French clay tureens keep in the moisture and offers such a divine aroma. Many artisan crafted pieces are used as both decorative and functional ware.

Buy your clay cookware. There are several choices to make and things to consider before purchasing your terra cotta or clay cookware. The lead free, clay containers are porous and keep in the moisture and flavors more than the other materials. Some variations have clay on the outside and enamel inside. There are superb French and Mediterranean decorative styles. Also, those that have a specific type of cooking that it is geared toward.

Prepare your cookware for cooking. Soak your terra cotta or clay cookware in cold water before placing the prepared food in it. Place in a cold oven and cook for the appropriate time. The moistened pot will hold in the steam and juices that adds to the finished flavors.

Clay cookware poultry dish

Cook it along with the temperature. Place the cold water soaked pot with roast, casserole or stew in a cold, non preheated oven. The oven temperature should also be set higher--such as 450 degrees--if it would have called for 350 degrees in the normal cooking recipe. Experiment with what temperatures work best for various types of foods that are prepared. Meats may perform better at the higher temperature than a vegetable or casserole dish.