Gather Information

So someone close to you has announced that they are expecting! Yay! Now it is time to plan a fantastic baby shower to help out the new parents-to-be. Usually showers are held anywhere from 2 months before birth, to shortly after the new bundle of joy joins the world. So at this point, it is smart to gather as much information as you can from the new parents-to-be.

First, find out when it is possible to host the shower with the new mommy, this way you can begin to set a date for the baby shower. 

After you are able to set a date, you should then find a venue or home to host the party. More often than not, if the shower will be a small affair- a family member or friend may offer to host the shower in their home. 


Baby Shower Details

Now that you have finalized the two most important details (date and venue), you can begin conjuring up a theme, invitations, decorations, food, drink, and games of course!

Most of the time, details for the baby shower will not begin until it is a little closer to the shower date. This way you will know what the sex of the baby is (if the parents decide that they would like to know before the birth), and you will know if the new parents have chosen a theme for the nursery the shower will usually correspond to the theme of the nursery so that the gifts will match. 

If you know all of these details it is time to start gathering decoration, food,  and game ideas! you will also want to either create baby shower invitations, have invitations made, or you can go on and purchase a design- just take the digital file to a printer to make copies! This is my favorite way because it is quick, inexpensive, and you get adorable custom baby shower invites in any theme/color scheme that you could possible want.

There are several ways to get inspiration for baby shower decorations: magazines, internet search, or even ! You could even ask family and friends if they have any fun ideas that they would like to contribute! Some of my favorite decorations are diaper cakes, pennant streamers, and handmade trinkets found on

As far as food and drink go, the limits are endless. It all depends on how many people are attending the baby shower and how much money you can budget for the food and drink. I prefer a nice cake or cupcakes, finger foods, and fun spritzy fruit punches. You could even ask any talented bakers in the family or circle of friends if they would be willing to donate time to make something special for the new parents. I enjoy punch drinks because you can make a large quantity of fun punch for very little money- and there are so many great recipes, almost always has fun drink concoctions. 

Lastly, most baby showers also have a small bit of time set out for cute games that either create neat keepsakes for the baby, or they ask everyone to bring a certain item that the parents will need a lot of to participate; ie: Diapers!! Again, you can go online and use internet search to find plenty of fun and appropriate baby shower games for any theme and formal level. 

Some final touches that I personally enjoy are little keepsakes for the baby shower guests to take home with them. It could be novelties from the games, a little candy treat, or a keepsake with the new baby's name or nursery theme on it. That way everyone feels included and gets to take a little memento home too. 


No matter what the details are surrounding the baby shower, it is meant to be a happy celebration! A moment to share joy with the new parents, and to shower love and gifts for baby! Enjoy coordinating the baby shower, but most importantly enjoy celebrating with friends and family.