Chores, assignments, duties, errands, jobs, agendas, appointments, necessary acts, habitual activity, meetings, events, plans, preparations and the daily grind can all contribute to an overpowering, uncontrollable and stressful life, if we allow it to take over our actions, reactions and our complete essence. Many times stress can become overpowering or unreasonably out of control, like a monster that is consuming us, when we are not even aware that we are being consumed by it. Stress may get so beastly and abominable that it takes over and confiscates our lives causing more than just a disruption, but it begins to effect our financial spirits and sometimes our health, as well. Stress should be dealt with face to face or head on, if you attempt to manage one or more of the problems in your life, while under great stress the outcome may not be brought out as planned or it may appear even worse than planned.

Things You Will Need


Step 1


Review and calculate your afflictions, hard knocks and excess baggage, decided what you can give up and delegate the deadweight that can be delegated to others who are able to cope with more in their lives. If you are tense and your plate is as full as it can get, you may begin to stress out. Struggling may lead to doing a job poorly, fractioned or incompletely, it may be more important than you anticipate to decrease in size, diminish and delegate your encumbrances.

Step 2

Request that others help you with your over flowing task list and stressful situations. You just may be pleasantly surprised at how helpful friends and family members can be when one is stressed out, when one is in need, or when one is stress stricken. Remember, you must ask or no one will have knowledge that you are struggling or dealing with intense stress in your life. Do not suffer in silence, sometimes all it takes is for one to swallow their pride, humble ones self and admit that they do indeed need assistance with their daily burdens and mental weight.

Step 3

If you have made an effort and speculated all the different angles and are still coming up insufficient on your order of business, remember you are not the only one and you are not unaccompanied. Take a break from the stress and breathe easy. If you do not rest or take an intermission, you may burn yourself out with your paralyzing duties. Take a well deserved breather, keep in mind that all your affairs will not greatly suffer if you take a few hours or an entire afternoon for yourself to revamp your mental state of mind. Sometimes, one only needs an interruption of activity to become and feel rejuvenated.

Tips & Warnings