Broken Heart(94236)
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When a married couple is together for a long time and a child is involved they see a lot going on with their parent's marriage, whether if they are happy, sad, or angry at each other. But when the husband leaves the wife and child how does a mother cope with that, how to let the child know, how do they get beyond this?

The Mother Coping with this Situation

This can be a tough thing for a mother to go through. The husband has left her with all of the responsibilities of the home duties, bills, mortgage, and most importantly the child. A mother already does a lot, but now she will have to do everything herself. If a man leaves a woman with these types of responsibilities is nothing but scum to begin with. To cope with this situation is to look at the positive side instead of the negative. The positive side is that the husband is no longer in the mother and child's life; they get to move on a forward with their lives and not have to deal with scum.

How to Let the Child Know

Mothers want to teach their children to be honesty, so the best thing to do in these circumstances is to be honest and help the child to get through it. It is ok to leave out the bad details until the child gets older to understand better. The most important thing when telling a child that the father has left them both is to let the child not it is not their fault. It is all the father's fault, and let the child know that there is something better to come out of the situation and the will get through this tough time.

Getting Beyond This

Mothers all want to stay strong for their child and themselves of course. Really, in a situation like this you have to be strong and tough. It is ok, to cry at times just to let it all out. But do not let the husband/father win. Do not let him get the weak side out. A mother must know everything happens for a reason and that their something out there better for her and her child.

Encouragement from Friends and Family

It is great for the mother and child to have a great support system to help them get through this terrible situation that the husband/father has put them through. Friends and Family will be there when a mother or child needs to cry, talk to, or just to make them smile. Friends are great to talk to and just to have fun with, and in this situation that would be a good thing for the mother and child to do. Family members are great to have around for home cooked meals or BBQ's just to have family time, and just for them to help out with this situation.

Good Riddance

If a husband leaves a mother and child who needs him anyways? A mother does not want a father figure around if he is just going to bail. That would be a bad influence around the child. A wife does not want a husband who is just going to abandon her and her child. The bright side a bad man is out of the child and the mother's life, good riddance to him. After when the bad man is gone, the mother and child can just have a happier life without him.