Well, yesterday it finally happened. Demand Studios pulled the plug on their thriving website, ehow. After months of speculation it is true. It is no longer possible to write on the ehow platform. You must be a member of Demand Studios in one way or another. For those of us here, left wondering what to do, I have written a little tidbit to help you figure out how to cope.

Things You Will Need

ehow account

Step 1

Investigate other writing venues. This is not to say you cannot stay at ehow and continue collecting monthly payments, but there are other options out there. And feel free to suggest similar websites in the comments, as I am ALWAYS interested in them.

Step 2

Backup your articles. The ones you can see, cut and paste into Microsoft Word. As for the others that may have been deleted or you are locked out from, well, I am sorry, those are gone. You can also back up the articles on a hard drive. It is not enough just to email yourself a link in case the articles get deleted again. You can always save them for future publishing elsewhere or even a book.

Step 3

Connect with others. They are as upset about having their years at ehow and the investment of time and energy go down the drain. Maybe together you can brainstorm new ideas and developments or create your own version of ehow through a blog of connected users.

Step 4

Check your email for Demand pre-approval. Go ahead and write for them if you think it is worth your time. You will not get the $15 flat payment you used to. Article choices vary and you must choose residual or up front income. Meaning, you get paid now or keep getting royalties later on. This is a tough choice to make.

Step 5

Continue promoting your ehow articles, for now. There will still be hundreds or even thousands of views thanks to Google. Just don't ask me how or if you will get paid.
Good luck! Feel free to leave your comments, website suggestions and ideas for future writing here. If you know of a lucrative website I want to know about it! Thanks my fellow writers!

Tips & Warnings

Back everything up!