The stress of foreclosure can seem to never end. Find out some ways to cope.

It is hard to escape news of the depressed housing market. Foreclosures are happening every day and thousands upon thousands of people are going through the steps of foreclosure at any given time and thus experiencing the stress of foreclosure. If you are dealing with the challenges of a possible foreclosure there are ways to lighten your burden. Most importantly, know you are not alone. There are many others out there like you and just because this has happened to you doesn’t make you a bad person.

Get Professional Help

Instead of handling all the legalities of the foreclosure process by yourself, get help from a realtor or lawyer if necessary. Determining which professional you need will come down to the complexity of your case, but start by looking for a realtor who is familiar with your local area and foreclosures. An experience realtor may also be able to see if you are a good candidate for a short sale. If you are looking for a lawyer, ask the experienced realtors in your area for recommendations of men and women they have worked with on complicated cases. Having the right professional in your corner minimizes your stress because they handle the majority of interactions with the lenders and other parties involved in your housing situation. Your stress level will probably decrease as soon as you sign on the dotted line to have someone represent you.

Talk About It

Foreclosure is no longer shrouded in stigma because it is such a common occurrence. It is now socially acceptable to reach out for help through the stress of foreclosure. Talk to your friends, family members and especially others who you know have been through similar troubles. Get ideas on how to cope with your feelings of loss and depression from those who have gone through it too. Even just telling a friend about the stress of the banks you are dealing with and the fear that your home will be taken away from you any day can help lighten the load of your stress. Do and internet search to see if there are any foreclosure support groups in your area, or join an online forum where you can vent and gather good ideas from the many others who have been in your shoes.

Find Joy in Every Day

The best way to get through any challenge is to make sure you take good care of yourself and your loved ones and appreciate the simple joys in life. The beauty of a gorgeous day, the unconditional love of a family member or even a pet, or the joy you get after a great workout are all joys that you can revel in as they happen. Filling your day with these positive types of reflections will help you refocus and understand that there is more to life than just the banks hounding you on the phone and the looming fear of having to find another home. Try making your day positive by setting aside a time during the day where you can worry all you want for 15 or 30 minutes. Be specific about the times and when the worry window is closed you cannot worry about the stress of foreclosure until the window you have set for the next day.