PlayStation 2 games sometimes have beautiful, film-quality soundtracks that can make you laugh, cry or feel like you're on the hunt for nuclear missiles. Playing these soundtracks on MP3 players or on the computer has become easier with a program that can rip PS2 soundtracks onto the PC. MFAudio is the best audio ripper for the PlayStation 2 and can rip music for nearly any game.

Things You Will Need

MFAudio 1.1

Step 1

Download a copy of MFAudio 1.1. Once it finishes downloading, install it to the computer.

Step 2

Insert a PS2 game into the PC's DVD drive. Open MFAudio from the start menu by clocking start, then all programs, then MFAudio. Once the program opens, click "File," then "Open." Select the drive containing a disc. MFAudio will scan for all the audio files it can find on the disc. This may take a few minutes, especially if you are using an older computer. Once the scan is finished, you will see a list of sounds from the game.

Step 3

Change the speed, frequency and channels around in the options if the audio is in an odd format. Some PS2 game use a format that only the PlayStation 2 recognizes, making it harder to rip the files. After experimentation, however, you can possibly find these files. MFAudio will give you some suggestions on how you may be able to find these files.

Step 4

Select the songs and soundbytes you want and copy the files to any folder you desire on the PC. Keep the settings that were used to find the files because if you change them, the outputting file will be blank. After conversion, all the files that you wanted will be in one, large WAV file. Use a WAV editing program to separate the files into their correct length.

Step 5

Apply ID3 tags to your songs and samples as well. One way of finding out the information is by inserting the game into a PS2 and finding the information. Also, some music may be listed in the game's manual in the credits section in the back. If need anymore help, read the tutorial on the Video Help forums.

Tips & Warnings

*Take some time and listen to all the files in MFAudio. You might find some interesting pieces.
*MFAudio may be the most used and best ripper for the PS2. Other programs exist, such as Cube Media Player 2, PSound and PSXPlay, but MFAudio works on more games than those programs.
*Some audio files will be just sound effects. If the file looks way too small to be a song, it probably is.