The National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS) is a huge database for student loans and grants. As with most things, mistakes will occur. There may be a time when you need to correct a mistake on the National Student Loan Database. Because the student loan database is a compilation of information you will have to go through certain steps to correct information. Although it will take a little bit of time to fix the error, the process is quite simple. Follow these steps to correct a mistake.

*This article somewhat assumes that you have already logged into the NSLDS website. If not, please follow the resource article at the bottom of the page.

Things You Will Need

*social security number
*pin number for FAFSA
*date of birth
*incorrect and correct loan database information
*log in to

Step 1

Look up all of your student loans on the National Student Loan Data System. This student loan database holds information about all of your student loans. It is used by people who calculate your current or future ability to receive financial aid. If this information is wrong it can effect your ability to get financial aid. When you talk to someone about your loans or grants they will use this student loan database. That is why it is so important to make sure all your student loan information is correct in the database.

Step 2

Find an error or mistake on the student loan database. For example, if you have defaulted some of your student loans you will see that they stand out on the student loan database. Because defaulted student loans are so bad for your credit and general financial health, you do not want any mistakes on this database. If you know there are six loans that are due, but the National Student Loan Data System is showing that you have seven then you need to look at the correcting this mistake. It can impact your future financial aid eligibility.

Step 3

Click on the student loan with the wrong information. Once you click on this you are taken to the loan amount and lender information (your browser tab should say "loan detail"). Because it is the lender or collection agency supplying the National Student Loan database with your borrowing information, it is important that if you find a mistake it gets corrected. Look for the contact information under the "servicer, lender, guarantee agency information" toward the bottom of the page. Writing down the student loan contact information separately should help you keep your own records.

Step 4

Call the number from the contact information. This is the agency that guarantees your loan. It could be several different agencies. You need to have your personal information available because they will double-check your loan information. Write down the name of the person at the loan guarantee agency or lender. Verify your loan amount and tell them the mistake that needs correcting.

Step 5

Wait and check back for the corrected mistake in about two to six weeks. If the lender verified that they do not have updated information on the student loan database then it is a fairly simple fix. They will send their information to the National Student Loan Data System to be updated. When the database updates the information your mistake will be corrected. Viola, all is done.

Tips & Warnings

*Always use a secure internet connection and do not give out your FAFSA password.
*Make sure to check your loan information often to find mistakes or stay current on your student loan information. This should include checking your credit report every year for mistakes.
*Always write down dates, names, phone numbers, and times for your records. You will need to follow up to make sure your information was fixed.