Spider VeinsSpider veins are unsightly and challenging to get rid of. Spider veins happen when tiny veins that are near the surface of your skin, become filled with pooled blood. They are small and branch-like, or may like like a random spider web. Many times, you may need to visit your doctor to get them completely removed, but before resorting to that, try these tips to counteract your spider veins at home.

What you will need:

* Vitamins and Supplements

* To Stay Active

* Witch hazel

* Green concealer

What you need to do:

Don't feel bad if you get spider veins. You can get them from hormonal changes, like during pregnancy, or taking a birth control pill. You can get them from poor circulation, exposure to sunlight, or just plain genetics.

Tip 1. Get Active

You want to increase circulation in your whole body so that the blood that is pooled in these veins gets pushed through so they are less noticeable. Walk, jog, or work out daily to keep your blood pumping well.

Tip 2. Vitamins and Supplements

You can try to take certain vitamins and supplements to help counteract your spider veins. Fish oils are proven to increase circulation. Ginko Biloba also boosts circulation and helps more oxygen get to the tissues in your body. Vitamin K helps with circulation as well. Vitamin C, used in many moisturizers will help with the surface of your skin. Talk to your doctor if you are unsure of taking any of these supplements.

Tip 3. Witch Hazel

This is an astringent that can be used on the surface of your skin to help decrease the look of spider veins. Put some on a cotton ball and dab it onto areas with spider veins.

Tip 4. Green Tinted Concealer

Use green concealer on the surface of your skin over top of spider veins. The green color neutralizes the red and will make them less noticeable. If the spider veins are on your face, you will want to apply your makeup as usual over top of the green tinted concealer.