Cover Your Tattoo with Make-Up

Tattoos are extremely popular, it seems almost everyone has one these days. But, there are certain times when we may think a tattoo should be covered up or hidden for whatever reason. Considering tattoos are extremely permanent, this may be a problem. People with tattoos shouldn't feel constricted to wearing long sleeves and turtlenecks.

Cover a Tattoo with Make-UpCover a tattoo with Make-up

Here are some tips to cover up small tattoos (sorry to those with full "sleeves" or large tattoos, this article isn't for you) with make-up:


1. Make sure the area is clean and free of an excess oil. A toner or make-up remover can be used.

2. Using a concealer that is similar to your skin tone (not your face, closest to whatever area is going to be covered) Hard Candy's Glamoflauge is great and inexpensive. But you definitely want a "heavy duty" concealer. Using a concealer brush (using your fingers can make the pigment found in the concealer more sheer, since there are oils in your fingers) dab on the concealer untill the entire tattoo is covered. 

3. Using a clean make-up sponge, lightly dab the edges of the concealer so it blends evenly into your skin and there is not a distinct line between where the concealer stops and your skin begins. 

4. Using a spray-on foundation, like Sally Hansen Airbrush Spray Make-Up that is a shade darker than your skintone, 'mist' the area in a circular motion to provide extra coverage without it looking caked on.

5. After the spray-on foundation is dry, use a translucent finishing powder, like L'Oreal's True Match Finishing Translucent Powder, to 'set' the make up in place. A little bit of powder goes a long way, and dust it on, going back and forth with the powder brush so it is barely noticed on your skin.

Cover a tattoo with make-up

If you are going out for awhile, you may want to bring a concealer stick (not mentioned earlier, NYC cover stick is great) and your translucent powder for touch-ups along with you.