You may have an attic fan system installed in your home. An attic fan system helps to promote airflow in and out of the attic. In the summer it can be used to circulate air to help cool the house while allowing some air to escape through the ceiling shutters. But in colder weather the ceiling shutters can be a source of lost heated air costing you more money in energy expenses and releasing heat. If you no longer use your attic fan system, shutters even when closed can cause air to escape; an expensive energy drain if you use air conditioning in your home.


In either instance attic ceiling shutters are useful but can waste energy, increase energy costs, and affect your home temperature when not in use. Even when in the closed position, air can still escape causing a draft in your home. There is however a great way to prevent attic drafts and keep air flow from going through not in use ceiling shutter vents. 


For this you will need to purchase an appropriately sized ceiling shutter cover. These covers are usually insulated and will prevent air from entering or exiting the shutter vent. Some are also decorative to blend in with finished attic walls and ceilings. 

Reduce Attic Draft by Covering Attic Ceiling Shutter VentsCredit: By Ben Husmann from Chicago, USA (Attic bedroom Uploaded by Yarl) [CC-BY-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons 

Measure the height and width of each shutter. Take this measurement information and buy ceiling shutter covers that meet these measurements.


Make sure the shutter is in the fully closed position. But make sure the attic fan system is turned off and powered down. Position your ladder under one of the ceiling shutters.


Carefully line up the ceiling shutter cover over the shutter vent until the vent is fully covered. If the cover used adhesive peel off the adhesive backing and press along the edges to affix the cover. Some shutter covers use hooks to snap onto the shutter itself. 


Repeat this for each additional attic ceiling shutter you want to cover up and insulate. This will greatly reduce common attic fan problems such as drafts and lose energy usage due to slightly open vents and shutters. 


Remember to remove the shutter covers when you want to use the attic fans once again.