Have you noticed how an idea comes into your head and you immediately think of potential readers. You might think of people on the forum or your favorite site or others who will love the same idea. Someone once said that writing should be approached as a business. Even if your ultimate goal is to obtain residual income, that is still no reason to write just for the sake of writing. Business approach to writing will help you focus on the tone and the content of what you want to write. For example, you already know that most writers are constantly looking for ways to get traffic to their site or to their articles. What could you write that will get their interest? That is the type of question you need to continue asking yourself if you want to succeed as a writer on the internet. Let us look at those who might be interested in what you write.

Teenagers: What do teenagers think about? Most parents will say teenagers don't think. That might be partially true. The reality is that teenagers have different needs. During the phase from childhood to adulthood, they are constantly in search of something. Could you write about that "something"? What do teenagers want to know? Most teenagers are interested in topics about boyfriends, girlfriends, college, future jobs, broken heart, drugs, smoking, anything to do with sex, pregnancy, abortion, and many more issues. As you can see, the more you try to understand what teenagers want and need, the easier it will become to write specific articles that will be of interest to them.

Mothers: Have you noticed how mothers tend to be addicted or obsessed with their children. You will be surprise how many mother spend hours on the internet searching for information about children's clothing, children's illnesses, child abuse, toys for children, parenting and being a good mothers, post natal depression, how to cook for difficult children and the list is endless. A lot of women will read about anything that is about children and parenting. That is another group people you should write for.

Wedding: There is probably as many divorces as marriages in the world. However, wedding is still a hot topic and even those who are already married are interested in the topic. How to choose a wedding dress; how many people should you invite to your wedding; what is the best month to get married; are you getting value for money from your wedding planner; wedding planning and what not to forget; wedding gifts that are under 10 dollars; what not to do on your wedding day. As you can see the list is endless.

Age and beauty: This used to be really about women. With metrosexual ideas in vogue, a lot of men are also worried about their looks. Botox is having a good time at the moment. How many beauty creams are there on the market? There are literally thousands. People are obsessed with age and beauty. Hence, there is a lot to write about and the number of potential readers is considerable. You need to know your audience in order to be able to craft you articles accordingly.

You need to understand the importance of knowing your audience. It is also important to pay attention to your titiles. Using good and catchy titles can help bring readers to your site. Finally, content is king and writing quality and relevant articles will bring success.