Creating fighting games is fun. Fighting games pit players against each other in an epic struggle to see who is the strongest. Battles between humans, animals, gods and other creatures are common in fighting games. Creating a 2D fighting game is the simplest way to create a fighting game while still providing lots of options to make the exact game you want.

Things You Will Need

2D gamemaking program such as Adobe Flash or Game Maker

Step 1

Download Game Maker, Adobe Flash or any other 2D gamemaking program. The price range on flash programs ranges from free to hundreds of dollars.

Step 2

Create any type of fighing characters you wish. For example, you can create sprites by drawing them in a similar manner to making characters in Microsoft Paint. Animate your characters at the joints.

Step 3

Build hit points on each character. Hit points allow for attacks to actually hit other characters.

Step 4

Design backgrounds in the backgrounds tab of the program. The characters must fight somewhere. It could be on the surface of the moon or a mountaintop temple in Tibet. Upload real images or create backgrounds from scratch.

Step 5

Arrange music and sound effects. A host of free sound effects are available online. Search for them. Also, using a microphone and making noises and sounds with kitchen appliances can wield some interesting sound effects. This is a long endeavor, but it is rewarding when you see your final product being played by someone else.

Tips & Warnings

*Take time to fully understand the paint making program. Creating characters and backgrounds can be complex, but once you understand the program, it will be easier.
*You will not be perfect. It will take many tries to get the perfect fighting game that you want.