With so many layoffs happening throughout the country, it's important to have your job resume up to date at all times. If you haven't done this in a while, things may have changed. Since there are so many people looking for jobs, it's important to make yours stand out among others. If you take this function lightly, you may be standing in the unemployment line longer then you think. It will increase your chances of getting a job if you create a good job resume.


Things You Will Need

data for your resume

Step 1

When writing your objective on your resume, try to put a positive note to it. Instead of just stating a position you are looking for, actually state what you are looking for in a company as well as what you plan to do for them. It gives a more intimate view of how you feel about working for someone when you create a job resume.

Example 1: An interesting position with a growing company

Example 2: A challenging position with a company that offers professional growth where I can use my skills to benefit the company.

Example 2 shows the potential employer more of what you have in mind. This is the opening sentence and first impressions count. Just don't overdo it or you will lose them. It is a tease to spark the potential employer's interest.

Step 2

The Summary of Qualifications will be next on your job resume. This is just a brief overview of what qualifies you for the job. It will recap what you're all about in the working world before you go into detail where you have actually got the experience. It's not necessary to put it in sentence form. In fact, your job resume will be easier to read if you bullet it. Just remember, some qualifications are built in, like organizational skills,or being highly motivated. Don't forget to include your characteristics as well to create a good job resume.

Step 3

Now you can put your employment history. Make sure your latest job history is at the top. If you underline and bold each job title and bullet the job description, it will make it look a lot neater. The trick for resumes is not to get fancy and use big words but to make it simple. Make the way it is read easy to comprehend and easy for the eyes to read.

Step 4

If you've done volunteer work you can include it after your employment history. It doesn't hurt to put this on your job resume. This is a mark of your character and will definitely be a positive note on your resume to help you create a good job resume.

Step 5

The last thing on your job resume should be your education. Here is where you will put your High School education and your College information. If you didn't go to college, put any adult education programs you have taken. These can be college classes taken through your previous job or any night classes you have taken for job related fields, like computer skills.

Creating a good job resume can mean an opportunity that may change your life. Make your first impression a good one when it reaches potential employers eyes.






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