Today we get so much email coming into our inboxes, it can be overwhelming. One simple way to manage this is by setting up rules that filter your mail into folders or simply delete it so you never even receive it. In Lotus Notes this can be accomplished by setting up Quick Rules. It’s easy. Here’s how you do it.

  1.  Open Lotus Notus, go to your Inbox (“Mail”) and select an email that you want to create a rule for.
  2.  Under the “More” menu, choose “Create Quick Rule…” which will open the “Create Quick Rule” dialogue box.
  3.  First you’re going to select your criteria or “conditions” that will trigger the rule. Either select “When Sender”, “When Domain” or “When Subject” or some combination therein. Select the appropriate option in the pull down menu (contains, does not contain, is, is not) and fill in the information is corresponding field. So, for example, if you wanted to filter out email from Search Engine Watch that included the word “New” in the subject field, your selection would look like this:Lotus Notes Quick Rules ConditionsCredit: Andrew Hecht
  4.  Next you’re going to select when the take the actions. In step 2, select either “When at least one of the selected conditions is met” if you want to create an OR condition where only one of the conditions has to apply for the filter to work or “When all the of the selected conditions are met” if you want to create and AND where all of the conditions have to apply in order for the filter to engage.
  5.  In the third step, you’ll choose the action for the filter to take. You have three options. You can move it a folder. To do this, click the “Select” button and choose the folder you’d like the emails to be moved to. You can change the importance to High. You might use this filter for emails from your manager or your spouse, for example. Or you can choose “Do not accept this message”, which will keep the email from even entering your inbox. If wanted to create a rule with an OR condition where only one of the conditions has to match and move the email to a folder when the rule applies, your Quick Rule would look like this:Create Quick RuleCredit: Andrew Hecht
  6.  Once you are happy with your selections, click the “OK” button and your new rule will be created. The next time an email arrives that meets all the conditions you set, the filter will engage and take the action you determined.

That’s it. You know now how to create a Quick Rule in Lotus Notes.

 Note – Your newly created Quick Rule will only apply to new, incoming messages. Messages in you inbox won’t be impacted by the rule, You’ll have manually move or delete these emails.