Women want to change hair styles from time to time and when they do this, they really like to create beautiful curls to have that sexy and feminine look. Women can curl their hair in different ways to create those bouncy soft curls.

The soft curls will not only enhance hair volume but they will also add a soft facial appeal when done the right way. There are some ways to create those soft curls and achieve a beautiful natural look.



things you'll need:

  • Blow dryer
  • Volumizing spray, gel or mouse
  • Small rollers, big rollers, hot rollers or curling iron
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      Create soft curls using a curling iron. There are so many different kinds of curling irons that are available in stores or online so be sure to pick the right one if you want a specific style and one that will suit to the type of hair that you have. Make sure that your curling iron have different levels of heat settings. 

      Try to set it to a medium heat level so that you won't damage your hair by overheating it. Avoid adding any hair products before you start curling it so that the soft curls that you want to create will look natural. Work with a thick curling iron so that you won't end up with very tight curls. This will allow you to achieve the soft curl look without over heating your hair. 

      Once your curling iron is already turned on to its preferred heat setting, get a chunk of your hair that is fairly average in thickness and place it in the curling iron. Begin at the tip of the hair then carefully wrap your hair around the curling iron. Allow your hair to stay in the curling iron for a minute then release the hair out. You can repeat this step on the rest of your hair to accomplish soft curls beautifully. 

      You can always choose whether you want to hold your hair for a longer or a shorter period of time once it's already wrapped in the curling iron. The usage of the curling iron can really create a beautiful style depending on how long you will hold your hair in it and how hot you like the heat will be set.

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      Wet your hair little by little so that you can get a shaggy and curly look. You may also apply a hair volumizing spray, gel or mouse. Start to blow-dry by bending your head forward and upside down. Try to crinkle your hair with your palm from time to time while blow drying it. Once you are done with the blow drying then apply some holding spray.

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      Work with small rollers to get smaller and beautiful curls. You need to wet your hair first and divide it into many sections. The next thing that you'll do is to roll each section using the small rollers. It will be easier for you to make those small curls nearest your face first then following the sides and at the back. When you do this, it's advisable that your facing a clear mirror, have another mirror behind you plus a small hand-held mirror. 

      You can leave the small rollers in your hair from 3-5 hours or up until you feel that you have achieved your goal in creating those beautiful curls. Some women no longer want to apply some holding spray hair if they had placed the small rollers for more than 5 hours.

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      Work with bigger rollers to get bigger and attractive hair curls. Bigger curls are easily seen from afar and they are not so tight compared to the smaller curls. The instructions on how to create bigger and beautiful curls are just similar with how you use the smaller rollers. 

      You still need to divide your hair into similar sections although a little bit bigger with the spacing this time and roll them using these big rollers. If you need to use a holding spray then be sure that it's suitable to the type of hair that you have in order to avoid damage or hair loss.

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      Use hot rollers if you want to create tight and beautiful hair curls in an instant. The known disadvantage of using hot rollers is the fact that it increases the chances of having hair damage if used more often. It's really important to follow the instructions found inside the hot rollers' package once you want to start using them. 

      You can heat the rollers to the medium setting to create beautiful curls. Once they are heated up, you can start applying them. Straighten a chunk of hair first then wrap it around the hot rollers starting from the ends up until near the roots. You can leave the hot rollers from 10-20 minutes or up until you feel that you have accomplished your goal in creating those beautiful and lively curls. 

      Check out the curl level by taking out one hot roller so that you can see how curly it is. If you're not yet contented with the curl, just place the roller back into your hair. Once you're already satisfied with the curl, take each hot roller away from your hair one at a time. Start removing the number of hot rollers that you placed first.

Tips & Warnings

  • You can easily separate hair curls with the use of your fingers and by doing this, you also help increase the number of curls in your hair. Wash your hair thoroughly one day ahead before rolling it and avoid putting too much conditioner on it so that the curls will look natural.

  • Try drying your hair naturally if you're not running out of time. Never apply hairs pray until you're done curling your hair. Applying quality hair spray will hold your curls the whole day. You can also select a milder kind of hairs pray that will allow movement and create a beautiful natural look.

  • Take note that there are strong and harsh chemicals that are sometimes found in other hair spray products.