With the advances in technology, it is not surprising that more and more people are relying on internet tools online to make life easier for them. This includes the creation of brochures, posters, PowerPoint presentations and anything that you can name! With these tools, we will be able to fully utilize our capabilities and create stuffs that may even stun ourselves at times.

But one problem does exist with the manipulation of these online tools. Many people are not able to fully utilize web 2.0 tools because of our limited IT knowledge. Hence, we will be stuck with using the same old few programmes to create stuffs such as brochures. But there are many other newer and better ways out there that is still waiting to be discovered. But before I introduce any of these programmes to you, of course you must know how to create an online brochure.


  1. Determine the purpose, the main point of your brochure. Why are you doing this? Many people lose sight of the purpose and their content may be irrelevant in that case. For example if the purpose of your brochure is to create awareness for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, the content must be those that what the reader wants to know. Put yourself in their shoes.

  1. Headlines are very important. Users usually exercise selective reading, reading only articles that have attractive headlines. That is why some good articles with bad headings will be neglected.

  1. Keep the content simple and brief. Write in an informal way where you can keep the reader's attention. This is the most important part because people will get tired of reading too much information at one go.

  1. Use plenty of color, animations to sustain their attention.

  1. All the above 4 points come hand in hand and if you are able to make use of all the points above, you will surely be able to create a brochure that is popular among readers!

And in order to do so, you can make use of those online tools that I mentioned briefly in my first paragraph. An example will be programme up on MyBrochureMakers In just 5 easy steps, you will be able to create brochures for your business, your group of yourself. MyBrochureMaker offers colorful, premium brochure templates for a wide range of business categories. You can also print it yourself on your desktop printer or have them print it professionally and ship it directly to you!

Another alternative will be Koobits. Koobits offers the user many different tools for brochure making, and templates are constantly updated just for the benefit of the users! Not just this, it has its own animations and images stored in it, waiting for the user to discover and of course be put to good use in their brochures. Not just these, the tools are also user-friendly, providing an easy usage for the IT-challenged people. No matter how bad you are with computers, you will surely be able to create quality brochures that gets your business noticed!