If you have a small bedroom or maybe a small apartment, then it may have a little hole in the wall for a closet, or maybe no closet at all.

So how do you store your clothes in a room with very little storage?  There are a few tricks to help keep things organized, but the first trick is to minimize the things you need to store.  So this would be the perfect time to purge last year’s clothes that have seen better days and the same with shoes as they can be the hardest to store.


Once you have gone through all your things and got rid of excess, now it is time to take inventory of the things you do want to keep.  Take a look at your clothes and figure out if most of your clothes are things you like to keep on hangers or are they something that can be folded on a shelf or in a drawer.

Separate into two piles the things than need hangers and the things that simply need a drawer or shelf. 

This way you can see which products would work best for you.  This part is important because if space is at a premium then you need to have the right products for you.

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How to Create More Closet Space

The easiest and most affordable way to quickly create a closet is to purchase a couple items and take over a corner of the room.

Start by purchasing a portable clothes rack on wheels.  You can usually adjust these to size and many have a shelf on the bottom for shoes or even boxes of things, but measure first and see how much space you can afford to donate to this closet project.

Stand in one corner of the room and put your arms out to wear you are not touching the walls.  Can you afford to lose that space?  If so, remember it will be storing your clothes that right now might be all over the room or bulging out of the small closet that came with the space. 

You can find these clothing racks online, or in large stores such as Wal-mart. 

Purchase decent hangers at the same time for your things that you will be hanging up.  Now most people do not want to stare at their closet of clothes and you may find this still looks messy.  So, the next purchase is a portable free standing blind.

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Create an Instant Closet with a Room Divider

These room dividers come in handy when you live in a space where you need to create an instant and yet movable wall.  These are an affordable way to close off one corner of your room or even along a wall to hide your closet or storage items, and yet it looks nice and keeps the room looking clutter free.

You can get them in many designs, or panels that can hold photographs and lots of ways to personalize this panel to look like it belongs.

Setting Up

So clean out one corner of your room, or maybe along a wall and setup your clothes rack, and then hang up all the dresses, blouses and slacks that need to be hung without being crammed like what happens in a very small closet. 

Then place this room divider across the space in the corner or along the wall a couple of feet out.  These dividers make it easy to get into your space, almost like simply opening a door by simply folding one of the panels back.  You can see everything you need without having to dig in a regular dark wall closet.  This feels more open and airy.

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Under Bed Storage for Shoes

If you have a problem with shoes in your small room, then utilizing under the bed is your best option or even under a couch.  This doesn’t mean kicking off your shoes under the bed, this means actually organizing them into a portable drawer like container that is designed to house shoes.

By getting as much stuff off the floor of your small space will make it seem roomy.  Finding a home for everything is the key.  Creating a closet space out of a corner or along a wall may take some of the space but it will house almost everything you need to wear.

You could keep the shoes you wear now in your new portable closet and the other shoes (seasonal) under the bed in a container ready for next season.

Under Bed Storage for “Foldable’s”

If the rest of your clothes are ones that can be folded and you don’t have room for a dresser, then you can purchase under bed drawers that will house everything from your underwear, socks and smalls to larger shirts, tee-shirts, blankets, and more.

You can get 4 large portable drawers to house even your towels and linens and make them easy to get at by simply rolling them in and out.

Get Creative

If you are renting your small space then construction is out of the question so these portable products are designed with that in mind.

The room dividers can be also used to create a new room within a room, such as an office, or makeup table or changing area.  There are all kinds of ways to hide your possessions in a small space, but you always have to start with the purging.

There is no point in filling a small closet with things you never use or are not likely to wear; this is the perfect time to fill some bags ready for donations.

Pick up some small containers from the dollar store to house all your accessories and they can sit in your new closet space as well.  Find a place for everything and even a small room can look lean and mean. 

Stackable storage containers can also work in your new closet.  You can create closet space in a small room with a few products and some creativity.