Want to know how to create eBooks for Kindle? This popular amazon book reader is becoming one of the most widely used book readers and it’s allowing regular writers who might not otherwise get published by a traditional publisher to make money selling their eBook through Kindle Direct Publishing. You don’t need any prior publishing experience or need to use complex software to publish on Kindle the process is quite easy for the vast majority of Kindle eBook writers. All you need is a book idea and the willingness to see it through to the end and you can become a published author on the Kindle eBook reader through Amazon. 

Getting Started

The hardest part will be to decide what type of book to sell on the Kindle. Fiction books are very popular but this might not be the best way to break into Kindle book publishing, A short information packed eBook could be your ticket to getting your first sales and once you do you can concentrate on the large picture of producing a regular fiction eBook to sell through the service. Any nonfiction books that are “how-to” in nature will be popular since the price structure for an eBook makes it an attractive option for those seeking self-help on how to do various tasks. For example it would be easier to write an EBook on nutrition and weight loss and have it sell on the Kindle platform than it would be to try and get a book deal. If you can find a targeted niche to write to that is in high demand you might also do well with your book through the kindle platform. Use your expertise in a subject area to come up with exciting eBooks that people will want to read. Before you begin you must also check the eBook market to be sure that your niche or book topic is not already saturated on the site which makes it difficult to see any revenues from your efforts.

Writing the eBook

Most people rely on Word to create their eBook but there is now software that makes the process much easier. While you can write your book in Word the process of converting your book to html code which the Kindle needs to read your book is a process that leads to serious formatting issues for many eBook writers. Thankfully there’s new software such as the Kindle Writer program that makes it easy to create a nice looking eBook even if you don’t know much about html Kindle formatting. You need to create a book in plain text and then use the software to generate the code for headings and other formatting options. The software makes it easy to complete this process with minimal effort on your part so you can get back to writing and not the hassle of book formatting. As Kindle grows in popularity there should be many more software programs released that make the process of creating a nice looking eBook in a short period of time a painless process for writers.

Marketing Your Book

The process of writing the book is the easy part you must also market your book for it to be successful. A good book description on Kindle Direct Publishing will make it easier for people to understand what your book is about. Be sure to fully describe the book and have an attractive cover for your book. Many sites online can design an attractive eye catching cover for you or you can design your own if you have graphics skills in program such as Photoshop or other image editing software. You will need a website or blog to help you market your book. You can write articles or provide other information to your website visitors such as a forum. Write the blog or website around the topic of your book. So for example, if your book is about stop smoking you can provide articles and advice on stop smoking and then refer readers to your eBook for more in-depth information. Don’t give everything away on your site you still want people to buy the book just give them enough information so that they are curious about the book. Offer a newsletter so people can stay connected with you and have first-hand knowledge when your next book is schedule to be released.

You’ll spend more time marketing your book then you will actually writing it. This will be a day-to-day process of traffic generation to your book to drive potential sales. Use social networking such as Twitter and Facebook to help you make sales. Create a Facebook page about your book and market the book at as many locations as you can think of. If you do this you can develop a following and if your material is good you can potentially make a lot of money with your new book. 

Write more eBooks

Don’t stop with just one eBook. You can make more sales by writing many different eBook. You can list your prior work in your new book which can help drive sales to your older materials. Keep writing and releasing eBooks just like a regular author never stops releasing regular books through a traditional publisher. Visit forums and talk with other EBook writers and keep up to date with this new emerging industry. The popularity of EBooks is only going to increase with new devices being released such as the Kindle Fire. Increase the amount of books you offer and try to connect as much as possible with your audience.

You Can Create eBooks for the Kindle

Any writer can create eBooks for the Kindle and make some money in the process. It doesn’t take specialized skills to do this and new software programs make the process of converting your text to Kindle format easier for the new Kindle book writer. Writing for the Kindle can open up possibilities for a writer that didn’t exist before since you can bypass the traditional publishing methods and become a published author in less time. Just make sure the books you release are of the highest quality possible and are fully edited before they go live.