Folders were added to the iPhone and iPad with the upgrade to iOS 4 and newer. The folders feature gives the ability of any iOS device to arrange application icons into groupings of twelve or less. These folders can then be arranged like any other application. It is a great way to organize your iPad applications as well as allows you to store more applications in your iPhone. Prior to iOS 4, an iPhone could hold up to only 180 applications (176 in the panels and 4 on the bottom tray). With iOS 4, it can hold up to 2112 (180*12) applications which should be more applications than any one person needs. Here is how to create your own folders.

Things You Will Need

iPhone, iPad or iPod touch running iOS 4 or newer

Step 1

iphone screen Touch and hold on to any application icon to start the launcher configuration. The application should start to jump around.

Step 2

iPhone move app Select one application that you want in the new folder and move it on top of another application you also want in the same folder. It takes a little practice to rearrange applications icons instead of making new folders. A black box should now surround the second application. Let go of the first application, the screen will gray out and a new screen will pop up with the two applications in a new window. This is the folder dialog box.

Step 3

iPhone folder dialog box The iPhone or iPad will select default a name for the folder based on the type of applications in the folder. You can rename it by changing the name in the dialog box.

Step 4

iPhone with Folder Press on the home button and you will leave the launcher configuration. There should now be a new folder located where your second application used to be. The folder icon will now show small icons of up to nine of the applications inside the folder. The small icons are miniaturization of your applications to help you recognized the applications in the folder. If you have more than nine applications, it will only show the first nine icons dues to space constraints. If you tap on it, the folder dialog box will open and you can select any application. You can also rearrange the application icons inside the folder dialog much like you would on the regular screen.


  • You can remove a folder by taking all of the applications out of the folder.
  • Folders can be renamed by going into the folder and holding down your finger on an app key to start the launcher configuration.
  • A folder cannot go inside another folder.

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