Search engine optimization, more commonly called SEO, is a way of creating the proper formula to get your content noticed on the Internet. In the online world it doesn't really matter how good you are as a writer, or how informative and helpful what you write is if there's no one viewing your content. So what you need to do, especially if you want to make money writing on the Internet, is to learn how you put the proper keywords into your work through search engine optimization.

Things You Will Need

Internet access

Step 1

Decide what you will create content about. This can be tricky since you might know a lot about a topic that is very niche like role playing games or alternative religion. What you need to do is review what you know, and then find a topic that has a lot of searchable value by typing it into a search program like the google adsense keyword search tool. This tool will look for the topic you typed in, as well as related keywords, and show how many people are searching for that topic and how popular it is. Keep in mind though that if the topic is popular, you'll also have a lot of competition. Compare the keywords, how often they're searched and decide on your topic.

Step 2

Create your content. As you're writing, you should be sure to include proper keywords throughout. These keywords act as beacons to search engines, letting those programs know that your content is topical, and that people who want the keywords you've included should be directed to your page. A rough estimate is that about 5 percent of your article should be made up of SEO keywords to grab the attention of searchers. More than that, and you might show up as spam.

Step 3

Review your content and compare it to your keyword list. If possible, put in more keywords to make the article more searchable. Make sure that the keywords are topical and appropriate, and that you put in any backlinks to other content you've created where appropriate. For instance, if you're creating a piece about making money online and you mention google adsense, then an appropriate backlink would be something like this Search engine optimization isn't a hard process to undertake, but it can be a slow learning process that will take time and determination. It requires you to understand that, no matter how great a writer you are, it makes no difference if you don't tailor what you create to be searchable and topical. If you really want to get your content noticed, don't give up on it.

Tips & Warnings

When choosing your topic, be careful. While social phenomenons like the Twilight book series or cult classic movies like Equilibrium might be popular searches for a short period of time, once their popularity dies no one will be searching for your keywords. Choose evergreen content if you want to have consistent views for a long time.