If you are like me, you LOVE getting into holiday spirit. This Halloween, make some themed treats for everyone to enjoy!

Things You Will Need

Food Coloring

Cake Mix

White Frosting

Black licorice (if you like it!)


Orange and Black Plastic ribbon (the kind you can curl with scissor blades)


Any other candy desired(halloween themed is the best!)

Themed candy dishes and plastic serving plates

Peanut butter

rice crispies

White chocolate(for melting)

Step 1

You can start out with the easy ideas such as setting out halloween themed candy in themed dishes and plates. You can find both candies and serving dishes at your local dollar store or retail center. If I am serving a small number of people, I will head to my local dollar store and buy plastic skull cups and fill those with candy and tie some orange and black party ribbon around the stems of the cups!

You could even add little novelty toys in with the candy for a fun vibe!

Step 2

If you into baking, try making a themed cake or cookies!! I like to make my cooking batter orange before I bake it, and then frost the cookies with black frosting!! Simply add orange and black food coloring where neccessary and there you have it!! If you can't find black food coloring, just mix every color you DO have until you make a black shade! I also do this with cake batter (although it may take more food coloring), and make layered cakes! It looks really neat when you create a orange cake and have layers of black frosting in between as well as covering the cake!

I top my cookies and cakes off with orange and black sprinkles or candies of my choice.

Step 3

Another treat that I LOVE to make-that is normally a christmas tradition at my house- is "buckeyes". This is where you melt some peanutbutter in a pot, mix in some rice crispies (sometimes I even add chunks of toffee). and let the mixture cool and firm A LITTLE-enough that you can spoon little balls of crispy peanutbuter onto a sheet of wax paper to set.

Once those peanutbutter crispy balls have sat and are cool, melt some white chocolate in a bowl or pan (careful to not burn the chocolate!), and add a little orange food coloring to the white chocolate to make it as orange as you want!

Now take a toothpick into each peanutbutter ball and dip it into the melted chocolate leaving a nickle-sized circle uncovered by the chocolate and set back down onto your wax paper*leave the tooth pick in the treat*

Lastly, once the treats are cool and hardened, you can set the individual "buckeyes" onto a serving plate!

Step 4

This idea may get a little messy, but it sure is a fun decoration!!

First take a pumpkin-any sized- and clean it out. Then place the top back onto the pumpkin and cut a face out if you want. If you are going to put alight in your pumpkin suggest those fake tealight candles for inside the pumpkin so they don't get too hot and messy from the wax candles.

Then take some suckers like the ghost suckers in one of my other articles, and stick the sticks of the suckers into the pumpkin!

Halloween is a really fun time of the year, and a great time to set out some fun and Halloween themed treats that are simple to make! Anyone is sure to love these sweet treats and cute ideas this fun holiday!

Tips & Warnings