I started writing online in 2011. Having read about the copyright infringement law, I understood that I could only use images from the public domain. Not all the pictures that I needed were available for free, so I began drawing some of my pictures. I didn't have a sophisticated photo-editing software such as Photoshop in my laptop. Microsoft Paint was only what I had, so I experimented with it.

With MS Paint, you can only create limited shapes. Nonetheless, it doesn't mean that you can't create nice pictures with it. Just like the famous Draw Something app, even without the sophisticated tools that Photoshop offers, it has amazingly led some people to produce works of art.

If you're like me who don't have Photoshop, or if you don't know how to use it, I can help you create nice pictures with MS Paint. So keep your creative juices pumping and read on!

In case you're wondering, I made my avatar with MS Paint!

If you're not confident with your drawing, you can look for some pictures to copy. Let's start with a simple image first.


How to Draw a Ball

Let's practice with a ball. This is the image I got from Wikimedia Commons. 

BallCredit: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Basketball.png

This is the picture of my unadorned drawing of a ball.

Ball SimpleCredit: Rainy Kua

Although the picture above does look like a ball, it looks too plain. I will teach you how to make it appear more realistic.

From the Shapes toolbar, click on the oval shape. Form a circle on the space beside the image. If you want it to be a perfect circle, put the oval shape over the image first and adjust its size before dragging the shape to the white space.

Do the same with the lines inside the ball by using the curve shape. You can adjust the thickness of the lines to make the ball look more real. If the lines are too short, fill in the gaps with the pencil tool or erase the excess lines outside the circle. Doing so will make your drawing much neater. Zoom in to check for any imperfections.

Ball 1Credit: Rainy Kua

Now the color. Under the Tools, select the color picker. Choose the color on the image that you want to copy and click on that part. The color you've picked has now appeared on the box labeled as Color 1 and your mouse have now changed to the bucket (fill with color) icon. Go to your drawing and click on all the spaces that you want to color.

Ball 2Credit: Rainy Kua

Now your drawing looks like a real ball. A lot better than the first drawing isn't it? You can stop from here. Or if you're not yet satisfied with the result, continue to the next step!


Add some shading!

Click the Edit colors icon. Select a slightly darker shade of the ball. It's up to you where to put the shadows on the ball. I chose the bottom part, assuming that the light is from the top of the ball.

Ball 3Credit: Rainy Kua

Select the curve shape. Form a curve at the bottom left of the ball. Make sure to fill in the gaps by using the pencil tool! Or else it will look like this after you fill it with a color

Ball 4 WrongCredit: Rainy Kua

instead of this

Ball 4Credit: Rainy Kua

Honestly, I don't think the picture looks good enough. I added a bit more shadow on the ball to make it look like this.

Ball 5Credit: Rainy Kua

It looks better in my opinion. You can also make some trial and errors to get the best result with your drawing. Don't be afraid to experiment! You can draw more complicated pictures as you practice. When I started creating my own pictures, my first drawing isn't very impressive, but I got better each time! Let me show you some of the drawings I've created with MS Paint (if you don't mind). I have used these pictures on some of my Infobarrel articles and blog posts.


My Works

Chang'eCredit: Rainy KuaBalloonsCredit: Rainy KuaSKKCredit: Rainy KuaWeddingCredit: Rainy KuaChinese DragonCredit: Rainy KuaGreen BirdCredit: Rainy KuaValentines DayCredit: Rainy KuaMovie HouseCredit: Rainy Kua

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Final Words

My drawings are simple and can't make people's jaw drop. They don't even deserve to be hung beside Mona Lisa or other great paintings on earth. That said, I'm still happy that I can create my very own pictures (with MS Paint) that look nice enough to be put on my websites. I also think that using your own drawings, no matter how silly they look, makes your article much more interesting, such as what I did in my article about Chinese Ghost Month. I hope you too can create nice pictures with MS Paint! Let's make the best out of the things that we have.

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