Business exposure is crucial for a growing business and advertising is the best way to increase knowledge of your products or services. Consumers face advertising every day and are quick to ignore an advertisement that does not seem directed to them. As technology grows, standard forms of advertise like commercials, radio, and print, are growing obsolete and customers are becoming harder to reach. While online marketing is the growing trend, and certainly necessary, it is not the only way to reach out to potential business. Internet users are quick to ignore pop-up ads and flashing banners, so how else can you quickly motivate new customers? Sign advertising is effective and memorable when designed with the customer in mind. With less than 10 seconds to make your impression and grab a customer’s attention, how do you effectively design signage that will increase business?

An Inspiring Design
Customers are visually, so appeal to your targeted market with a story in images. Lay out your sign design so your images send your message and show your products. Designers are great at capturing elements and creating story through images. Show customers how your services will help them, what the end results will look like, or how your product can change their lives. A professional looking design with images that impact and are easy to associate with will lock in your customer’s attention so you can fulfill your message.

An Unforgettable Message
An unforgettable message is one that is straight to the point, easy to remember, and represents your business. Keep your message short and direct for the best impact. Customers scan text, reading only about 20% of what is written. If your message is direct, readers will easily comprehend your entire message and are more likely to remember your ad over a far more detailed message. Your business offers a solution. When writing your message, tell customers about the solutions that your business can provide if they allow your ad to affect their lives.

Include Your Branding
Including your branding in your advertising is part of building your brand identity and creating a reputable and recognized business. Consistent advertising helps customers to remember your business without even reading your name. Include your business logo and colors within your design, and create a design and message that coincided with the reputation you want to be remembered for. Whether you want your business to be associated with professionalism, innovation, or entertainment, your branding should remain consistent within that. This will create an association between your business, your message, and your identity that will be easily recognized by customers as they continue to see your advertisements.

Choose the Right Signs
Your sign advertising should be designed and displayed with your targeted customers in mind. Poor sign placement can be detrimental to any sign campaign. Choosing the right signage is about knowing your customers and knowing where you can be most visible. If your business sits in a shopping strip or retail center, than window signs and bold vinyl banners are the best way to go. Your retail storefront is the most visible part of your business. Outdoor signs, like yard signs and permanent business signage, are ideal for gaining awareness of your business and helping to direct potential customers to your locations. If your vehicle is your office and you travel around town for work, then your vehicle offers the best exposure to new potential clients. Car signs like car magnets, car wraps, and rear window decals are perfect for adding exposure to your business while on the road. Whichever form of signage works best for you, opt for custom signs that are printing with your own unique design. As said before, building awareness by including your branding will help lock in your business as a recognizable and established company.

Choosing to promote your business with signage adds a visual appeal to your company and works to establish a following by reminding customers of services they may need and putting a solution directly in front of them. While business signs should not be your only advertising approach, you certainly cannot establish a business without some kind of signage.