From the time Pinterest garnered a wide recognition and massive popularity in the internet over a short period of time, webmasters and internet marketers alike have seen this as a great opportunity for them to gain more visibility for their online brands. Considering that Pinterest features a great potential of driving massive traffic towards a particular website, learning the right ways of promoting your brand can certainly give you an edge over your competitors.
 Pinterest marketing
The concept of Pinterest goes around pinning posts and images which grabs the attention of the viewers on various online pin boards. Through creating visual contents which are highly "pinnable" and great potential to get shared across social media networks, a particular brand could be able to increase its awareness towards its existing and potential clients as well.
How to Create Quality Pinterest Pictures which could Easily go Viral
#1. Pick the right format for your photos
You have to realize that not all image formats are pinnable. You might only be dismayed to find out that your flash slide show on your website which features product images aren't pinnable. In fact, this has been one of the main problems which are being encountered by countless other websites in the internet. Due to this, you have to know which image formats are available for pinning and which ones are not. Among the acceptable formats include JPG, PNG, and BMP. You also have to know that Pinterest adjusts a wide enough image to an appropriate size thus making it blurry which isn't really a great thing for your strategy. For the ideal size, the best thing to consider is using the Golden Ratio or approximately 1.618 whenever creating quality pictures for Pinterest. As an example, if you have an image which measures 544 pixels wide, then the ideal height would be 896 pixels. For this, the ideal image dimension would be approximately 554 x 896 pixels.
#2. Convey your message in a clear style
In Pinterest, a picture might just be the thing that users could see which helps in deciding whether they should visit your site or not. Due to this, you have to come with at least one of your images which convey the message clearly in a way that could capture the attention of the viewers in a glance.
The best trick in doing so is by embedding images with easy-to-read text in a bold manner. In this way, the message is more clearly seen and emphasizes what you are trying to tell your viewers at the same time. In fact, such strategy invites users to click through the image and then following the link provided afterwards.
#3. Use contests and giveaways to increase site traffic
People love events especially those which enable them to earn a freebie or perhaps some cash. There have already been a lot of companies using this strategy to draw in an increase in their site traffic and without doubt, Pinterest is the best way for them to do so. By creating visual contents which are easy to comprehend and displays the message clearly, viewers could be enticed to take a look at what prizes await for them.
 pinterest contest
To give it a best shot, you simply have to:
a. include words such as "contest", "giveaway" or even "join the contest" within the description field.
b. include the amount of prize which could possibly be won. Pinterest even helps in the process by placing a banner in the upper left portion of the image indicating the event prize.
Once again, texts in bold could attract even more attention and will surely increase traffic towards your site. Don't forget to include such strong calls-to-action that will compel the viewers to either repin your images or even share them to various social media networks.
With text or just plain, images really are one great means in attracting viewers towards your online business. Through this, they could b able to relate and even respond to what you are portraying to them. Besides, growing your business brand in Pinterest is yet another fun, free and engaging means of interaction between your business and your audience at the same time. So if you are considering marketing in Pinterest, make use of these tips now.