If you have used previous versions of Windows you are used to going to the start menu to shut down and restart your computer.  Not so anymore.  This is another one of those new changes to get used to in Windows 8.  To shut down your computer you now need to hover your cursor in the corner of your monitor, click the Settings icon and then click the Power button...kind of a pain.  Not to fear!  To make life easier we'll create single click options by creating Shutdown and Restart buttons.

Before we get into that there is another option if you are good at remembering shortcuts.  From your desktop you can press Alt-F4.  This will pop up a window giving you the option to shutdown, restart, switch user or sign out.  For those of us who prefer a good old fashioned button, there is another way.

Create a Windows 8 Shutdown Button

1.  Right click on your desk top and click New then Shortcut

step1 image; windows 8 start button

2.   Copy and paste: shutdown.exe /s /t 00   into the Create Shortcut window and click Next.

step2 image; windows 8 start button

3.  Enter a name for the shortcut: shutdown   and click Finish and a new shortcut will be added to your desktop

step3 image; windows 8 start button

4.  Right click on your new shortcut and click Properties and a new window will open and then click Change Icon on the Shortcut tab

step4 image; windows 8 start button

5.  Click OK on the Change Icon window 

step5 image; windows 8 start button

6.  Select the shutdown icon (or any icon of your choosing) and click OK to close out of the Change Icon window and then click OK to close the Properties window ...and wallah...your Shutdown button has been created

windows 8 start button

Create a Windows 8 Start Button

7.  Repeat the step 1 above

8.  For step 2 copy and paste: shutdown.exe /r /t 00   into the Create Shortcut window and for step 3 enter: restart   for name and then repeat steps 4 through 6

9. To add your new buttons to your task bar, right click and click Pin to Task Bar