Managing and remembering passwords can be a real hassle. Writing them down or using software to remember them reduces your security. Forget that: I'm going to share my technique for creating super-strong passwords that you'll never forget to put your online security through the roof.

First, some stats: a password of six same-case characters (such as "hunter") has a possible 308.9 million combinations. A standard desktop computer running brute force password-cracking software could figure out your password within 3 seconds of cracking.

The most powerful type of password is one that includes the largest number of character types. That means uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, and special symbols. We ideally want a password that's 8 characters in length that includes at least one character from each of those categories. That would result in over 7.2 quadrillion combinations. I can't even fathom how large that number is! The same computer that took a measly 3 seconds to break a regular password would take 23 years to break that kind of password!

Clearly, this is what we want. Here's the method for creating easy-to-remember passwords that are nigh unbreakable:

1) Take the first four letters of the name of the website/program you're using
2) Come up with a word that will be in every password, capitalized
3) Add a symbol and number that will be in every password

Let's say you're creating an InfoBarrel account. Using the system above, we'll use:
1) info
3) 4$

The resulting password is infoPASS4$, and check it out: we have uppercase, lowercase, a number, and a symbol. Yes!

Now, use the same system whenever you need a new password. If you use Amazon your password would be amazPASS4$. If you use Google your password would be googPASS4$.

Keep these things constant:

1)the length of characters you use from the site name (4, in the example)
2)the capitalized word (PASS, in the example)
3)the symbol and number (4$, in the example)

Doing this will mean you can easily and instantly generate a password for anything. By remembering your system you will always remember every one of your passwords, which are now pretty much unbreakable. You're remembering one system instead of dozens of passwords.

One thing to note: some sites don't allow special characters in their passwords. My credit card provider does this. In that case just drop the final special character. By making this a little rule that you'll remember you will still be able to use the system and make a simple modification when needed.

I hope these tips allow you to do away with complicated password lists, increasing your security and your convenience. Next time you log on to each of your usual sites you can change your password to this new system and you'll never forget one again. Enjoy!

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