When you are creating your invitations for any given event, why not make it more personalized by creating your very own invitations?

Things You Will Need

Cardstock paper in your desired colors




Decorations you desire

Envelopes that fit the invitations (if needed)

Step 1

First start out by determining what the theme is of the event, and try to capture that theme (or color scheme) in your invitations.

Now you need to decide how big these invites will be, and in what style-single card, vertical, horizontal, folded, etc.- and cut out however many invitations you will be making.

Step 2

At this point, if you have nice handwriting and wouldn't mind writing out all of your invitations, feel free to do so. I, however, like to find a pretty font on my compter and print out whatever needs to be said and just cut the words out and apply them in pretty ways to the initial invitation.

You can print your wording on colored paper or cardstock and add little decorations to the corners(after applied to the inside of the invite), or even make your words pop out of the invite itself by placing foam adhesive squares underneath the lettering!

Step 3

Lastly, I like to add ribbon, glitter, or other decorations that match the color and theme of my event. You could tie ribbon to the outside or inside-even lace it through some hole punches along the edge and tie a bow at the bottom!

Then I will take glitter and a narrow-tipped glue bottle, and outline pretty details on the invitation followed by sprinkling some glitter on the glue to really make the invitation designs pop!

Really, making invitations is a wide-open creativity outlet. You just have to be ready to make a lot if you are planning a big event, which means this is time consuming unless you get some volunteers to help!!

Tips & Warnings