As an entrepreneur and small business owner it can often be difficult to describe what it is that you do.  At networking events you want to capture your audience's attention - not bore them with a long back story to the point you can see their eyes glaze over.  You want to differentiate your introduction and prove your credibility.

Not giving away too much information is also important.  Your aim is to peak their curiousity so they want to know more.  When this happens you can grab the opportunity to set up another meeting to go into detail how your business can help them achieve their goals.

This four step formula will your ticket to success when people ask - What do you do?

Step 1: Establish Your Credibility

What are your top 3 points of credibility?

What companies have you worked for or with?

By starting with the big guns in your industry you will quickly prove your credibility and grab their attention.

Example: "Previously I have worked with Virgin, Samsung and Apple..."

Step 2: Define Your Typical Client Base

Tell them who you typical client base is.  Start out with a smaller target market and then expand.  

With practise you can alterthis step to match the person you are talking to so they are included.

For Example if you are talking to a female business owner: "Typically my clients are women who own small businesses in the telecommunications industry..."

Step 3: Define Your Target Markets Problem That You Solve

You want the person you are talking too to know what problems you will solve for them.

What is the biggest challenge that your target market faces?  Start big - if you can solve their largest problem for them you will grab their attention.

Example" Who have the challenge of high turnover sales staff ..."

Step 4: Tell Them How You Solve Their Biggest Problem

Finish by telling them how you solve their biggest problem.

Example: I help them by developing a recruitment strategy and remuneration package which will not only find highly qualified staff but also keep them.

Once you have defined the four steps - write your answers down and PRACTISE, PRACTISE, PRACTISE!!!  As they say - practise really does make perfect and you do not want to stumble.

This whole four step formula should take less than a minute to complete your introduction. It will establish credibility, peak their curiosity and get you to that all important next step - the one on one sales meeting.




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