When people see old pictures and documents from their loved ones, they start to get feeling interested about their family history. Creating a family tree is a good way in fulfilling that deep desire of knowledge about the history of your family. It can also give you a better understanding about your ancestry based on your research. 

A well documented family tree will become a memorable thing that you can display and be proud of especially during family gatherings. It will show a lot of connections between family members consisting of their names along with their parental and marital connection.



things you'll need:

  • Computer and internet connection
  • Colored pens or crayons
  • Writing pad for your notes
  • A large piece of paper or white board
    • 1

      Start by documenting what you already know about your closest family members. It's important to take down notes and make copies of everything you find in your ongoing research. Ask your parents about each of their families. Inquire your relatives about other family members and compare it on your own records. You can go online and research to get information and leads about your ancestors. 

      Check out birth and death registries, land deeds, public library databases, wills, local newspapers, immigration records and social security banks. You can also gather more information in the world's big collection of genealogical information by visiting your local Family History Center. These are valuable facts and information that you will need when you start creating your unique family tree.

    • 2

      Sketch a big tree coming from your own imagination on a large piece of paper or white board. Draw a big circle representing as a fruit from the top center of the tree and write your name inside. Before you write down your name, give some space below it so that you can still add the date of your birth or other additional information. This is the beginning of your unique family tree.

    • 3

      Draw two thin tree branches coming out from your fruit and sketch two circles representing as fruits and write the name of your parents inside each fruit. If you have siblings then you can add more fruits beside your own name, demonstrating that your brothers and sisters come from the same parents.

    • 4

      Keep on adding fruits and thin branches to your tree by drawing thin tree branches coming out from each set of parents and include the names of their parents as well. Remember to add your aunts and uncles too. The family and siblings of each one are also important in building a family tree. 

      As you continue to add more family members along the way, make sure that you based it in the same manner as you added your own. You need to proceed with the process of conjoining reliable information that shows the relationships of family members until all the names in your list had been included.

    • 5

      Draw your unique family tree on a large and quality paper or card board by the time that you already had sketched it out as far back as you wanted it to go. You may also color it with crayon or anything that you like. You can frame and display it as a reminder of your family's unique and amazing history.

Tips & Warnings

  • Encourage your kids to get involved in this project so that they will learn about their history as well as how to make a family tree. Parents' encouragement can make this project enjoyable for children while they learn.

  • Make sure that all your documents are well-organized so that you can easily look for each of them when you start creating your family tree.