Gift giving can be an expensive and often stressful thing for many people. You might know that the person that you are shopping for loves Beautiful perfume, but one look at the sizable amounts that they want for gift boxes and premade gift baskets is enough to make anyone opt to giving out gift cards.

Do not fret any more. You can create a Beautiful perfume gift set to give to anyone on your shopping list that loves this fragrance. It will stand out as being special and be something that the person will use every day.

Step One

Choose a container to put the items in for your gift. You can go with a box and just add stuff. However, choosing something that you can reuse like a basket of even a storage container or tin that you she can use to organize things will make them stand out.

Step Two

The color that most people associate Beautiful perfume with is pink. There are many shades of pink that you can go with when it comes to filling the container and the spaces between the products that you will be giving. Using pink tissue paper, pink shredded paper, or even pink fake rose petals are all great ways to to do this. You can even combine a couple of them. You can use tissue paper for the underneath and place the fake rose petals on the top between the items.

Step Three

Purchase the products that you will use for your Beautiful gift set. You can usually find some great deals online for these items. The minimum that you will want to use is two products. The recommendation is to use three. A great collection could include the spray, lotion, and bath and shower gel.

Step Four

When arranging your products, it is best to take the containers out of their boxes. You can place the bottles in front of their boxes in the displays. The top department stores do this when creating perfume gift sets and it works very well for them.

Step Five

Get yourself a sheet of shrink wrap plastic at any local craft store or department. This stuff looks like saran wrap, but when heated with a blow dryer it shrinks around your Beautiful perfume gift set to make it look professionally done.

Step Six

Finish off your package with a pink ribbon. Depending on the container that you have chosen will determine how you go about this step. A basket will let you tie a simple bow at the top for an elegant look. For boxes, you can wrap the ribbon around each corner like they do in high end stores and then tie it off into a bow.

Step Seven

Add a gift card to your Beautiful perfume gift set and it is already to be given to that special person. You can easily repeat this process for any fragrance that the people of your gift list enjoy. Just change up the colors that you are using based on the image and theme that the company uses for the fragrance.