Cell Phone Charging Station

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From staying in touch with loved ones to calling for assistance when you need road assistance, cell phones are often the solution. However, in order for your cell phone to be there for you when you need it, you need to recharge its battery, and cell phone charger cords can make a room appear messy and unattractive. Fortunately, you can create a charging station for your cell phones and hide those messy cords.

Items you'll need to create a charging station for your cell phones:

  • Console table, end table or nightstand
  • Drill
  • Power strip
  • Plant

Step #1 - Keep your cell phones organized with a console table. Console tables generally have a drawer. Drill holes through the back of the drawer - one hole for each cell phone in the family.

Step #2 - Position your console table near an electrical outlet. Plug in a power strip and place it under the table. You only need a power strip if there are multiple cell phones in the family. Otherwise, you can plug the charger directly to the outlet.

Step #3 - Place your cell phone in the drawer. Run the charger’s cord through the hole and connect it to the cell phone. Plug the charger to the power strip. Close the drawer and keep those unsightly cords out of sight while recharging your cell phones.

Step #4 - Hide the power strip with a potted plant. Simply place the plant under the table so that it hides the power strip and cords.

Tips & Warnings:

  • Another option is to use an end table or nightstand in place of a console table.
  • Avoid connecting one power strip to another power strip if you have other electrical items near by, as it could pose a fire hazard.

A console table is an ideal and practical way to keep chargers and cords neatly organized while recharging cell phones. Since you likely already have a console table at home, you simple turn it into a multi-purpose piece of furniture.

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