Christmas is a time to decorate your tree and spend all of your time baking cookies for every person you've ever met. It's a time to bake the ham and sausage and even the turkey if grandma really goes all out! It's a time to turn on the television and look for holiday movie marathons like "It's a Wonderful Life" which can be heard cycling throughout your house for the next 24 hours..."You'll poke your eye out!" There are tons of things we think about when we think of Christmas and while they are all great, sometimes Christmas is so hectic that it comes and goes so quickly you forget to enjoy it! Why not break that Christmas mold and do something different for a change. You might catch some poo-poo-ing from your more tradition-loving relatives but what the heck, you only live once, right?

Thought One: Celebrate Christmas with the Homeless. Go to your local church or homeless shelter to volunteer your time for the holidays. Christmas time is a really depressing time for millions of Americans. When people who truly care and want to make a difference step up, it sings a song of hope for those who have none. Sign up at the Salvation Army to ring the bell or sign up to serve Christmas dinner. Collect donations for kids who won't have anything under their tree on Christmas morning or volunteer your car and your time to the nursing home to take the residents out caroling or shopping. I promise you that you will be filled to the brim with holiday cheer and will have these memories to lift your spirit throughout the year.

Thought Two: Celebrate Christmas by Celebrating Another Culture. Why not cook up something exotic and decorate your home to match! Even if you are All-American, choose a country and go for it! There are so many parts of the world with exotic foods and astonishing style that your Christmas experience could lead the pages of National Geographic! Use this time to learn about your world, it's people, it's cultures and it's traditions.

Thought Three: Celebrate Christmas in Style. If you can afford it, why not travel out of the country on Christmas? Instead of saving all year for a summer vacation, try a Christmas holiday! Take your mate and check into a sleepy, little bed and breakfast in New England. Wake up under the flannel sheets watching the snow cling to the evergreens outside your window. Take your time to dress up and head downstairs for a delightful Christmas meal that you didn't lay a finger on; let someone else do all the work! Meet other travelers and share stories and traditions, make a scrapbook full of new memories.

Make Christmas something to remember! Go on and live your life to the fullest by creating a lifetime of stories and memories to hand down to your children. Life your life with vigor and light, live to inspire yourself and others!