Creating a classroom conducive to learning for young children could be very fulfilling to a teacher. This is one of the goals of a teacher in her teaching profession. If she is able to achieve this objective, this could help her to achieve her goals as an effective teacher.

Why is creating a classroom conducive to learning very important? A comfortable classroom produces more productive students. If the children are comfortable in the classroom; this will help them have more concentration in their lessons which will help learning more effective. The teacher cannot expect a good result if she does not have a classroom conducive to learning. It is important for the teacher to create a classroom that keeps the children safe and comfortable inside the classroom to enhance better learning.

Here are some tips that can help teachers create a classroom conducive to learning.

Allow for Enough Space

Space is very important if the teacher wants the young children to be comfortable in the classroom. It is important that there is a space wide enough for mobility among the children especially because young children need a wide space for playing. The classroom must be free from clutter to avoid accidents. A room that is cluttered will make the children uneasy and suffocated. Not only that, a cluttered room could cause accident. A good classroom for young children is a room free from any objects that may cause them danger.

Set Temperature that is comfortable for the Children

The temperature of the room must be comfortable for the children. The teacher must not base the room temperature on how she feels because young children have higher temperature than adult people. When the classroom uses an air-conditioner, it should not be too cold; if it is a heater, it should not be too hot. The teacher must always check the temperature to make sure that the children are comfortable in the classroom.

Hang Decorations

The teacher might not be aware but children are looking for Tom and Jerry in the classroom once they enter the room. It means that the decoration in the classroom will affect the children and their learning progress. Although not directly; it helps to motivate children to enjoy learning in the classroom. A properly decorated classroom will help enhance a more effective learning because the embellishments in the classroom can help motivate the children to stay in the classroom and learn. While decorations are not an assurance of better students, this helps the children to feel motivated so that they will have fun learning in the classroom.

Make the Classroom a Home for the Kids

The school is the second home of the children and the teacher their second mother. As a second mother, the teacher must treat the children like her children. This includes the teacher's initiative to make the children feel at home in her classroom. If the teacher is able to provide a second home to the kids then the children will have a better learning progress. The teacher's approach in dealing with the kids will further enhance effective learning so it is very important for the teacher to properly deal with the kids.

Provide Good and Effective Learning Tools

To make learning more effective, the teacher must provide the right tools for teaching the kids. Young kids love visual aids. They cannot enjoy learning without the different learning tools provided by the teacher. While there are countless learning tools available in the market today, the teacher must know and choose which learning tools are the most effective. The modern classroom is equipped with a computer and all the other electronic gadgets that children could use to enhance learning but the books, pictures, blocks, and 3-dimensional objects are still very useful and very effective for teaching young kids. A preschool teacher must be very resourceful and creative in order for her to effectively foster the young children's learning progress.

The teacher must at all times create a classroom conducive to learning in order to enhance a more effective learning process.