Closet space is a huge issue in many homes, especially older ones.  Many older homes simply did not have the room, or they used stand alone closets such as expensive armoires or many people simply used dressers and did not have the amount of clothes most of us have today. 

But what if you are on a budget and don’t want an expensive bulky armoire in your room?  What if you rent your space and simply want a decent place to put your clothes, shoes and accessories?  You can easily create a closet in a room without one with a few key pieces.

First you have to decide if you want to be able to see your things.  If you are a super neat and organized person, then maybe your portable closet can become a part of your décor with colourful sweaters folded just right and your shoes and boots lined up perfectly.

If this is not you, then you need a way to simply hide your clothes but still have access.  Next you need to decide how much room you need.  Could you simply take over a corner of your room, or will you need an entire wall.  Don’t forget you can also utilize under the bed with all kinds of under the bed storage ideas that work too.  If you can use the space under that bed of yours then you will not need as much closet space.  That area alone can store 4 drawers on wheels depending on the size of your bed.

The first step is to go through all your things, get rid of anything you don’t wear or use and create a keep pile. This is a good time for a clean out.   Look at this pile and decide the type of closet you need.  Do you have clothes that need to hang, such as dresses and suits, or do you need more shelf space for folding sweaters and tee shirts and even jeans.  This first step is important, as it will let you use your newly created space more efficiently and waste less space.

If you do not have a dresser then you will also need space for under garments, socks and scarves.  So keep all of this in mind.  Really take stock of your room to see just what space can be used.

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How to Create a Closet

how to create a closetCredit: amazon.Invest in a good stand alone clothing rack such as the one pictured above.  You can see what it can look like by adding storage accessories. (pictured)   You can go as simple as a hanging rod on wheels, or you can get more intricate and detailed with shelves.  You can then add to the unit with fabric drawers or fabric hangers for sweaters etc.  You can see in the picture how it can be used to house your things.  You just have to decide the type of storage you want this unit to use. 

Second Step is to clean and organize your room in such a way as to create a free corner or if you need more space a wall just for your closet.  If you are going the wall route you need to measure out from your wall about 3 feet.  Now adjust the rest of your room to allow for that space.  If you can’t donate a wall to the cause, then consider a corner.  Moves things around so that a corner becomes free, you could also consider getting rid of any bulky furniture such as a dresser and utilize your new closet space or under the bed instead.

Some older dressers tend to be bulky and take up room.  There are many sleeker and slimmer options for housing your clothes and accessories.

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Fabric Drawers

These are a really cool way to house all kinds of things from all your unmentionables, to those smaller things and keepsakes you may have.  The drawers look neat and fit nicely on shelves.  When you want something from them you can simply take them off the shelf and root in the drawer.  They also collapse when you need to move your closet system.  They keep things organized, neat and tidy.

You can also get hanging shelves that will be perfect for jeans, or sweaters or tee shirts.  This way you don’t take up too much room, and you use the vertical space instead.  You can do the same for shoes.  There are all kinds of options to store your things on this stand along clothing rack.

It all depends on the type of things you will be storing.  If you rent your space this will not harm any walls and you can take it apart and move it with you when you move out.   If there are things you want to keep but don’t wear often, then consider putting them under the bed or on the top shelf of this unit.

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Privacy Screens

These are a perfect way to hide your newly formed closet space.  If you have chosen to take over a corner of the room, then these screens can simply accordion fold across the space.  When you need to get in, just fold them back.  They are a great way to hide your clothes, shoes and accessories and look really nice.  Very neutral and tasteful in a room, you could even hang pictures on these to personalize them.

If you are taking over an entire wall in your room, then you may need a couple of these depending on the length of your wall.

This is one of the most affordable ways to instantly create a closet in a room without one.  Or even if you simply need extra closet space, there are a lot more portable options to store your clothes and yet still look good.