Family Cookbook

Creating a family keepsake cookbook is a gift any bride-to-be will treasure. Each time she takes out the cookbook so lovingly put together by you, she will be holding not only recipes, but memories.

Things You Will Need

Avery Clear view binder, one inch

plastic page protectors

copy paper

family recipes

family photos

scotch tape

paper cutter or scissors




Step 1

About two to three months before the bridal shower, send out an email to the family and let them know that you want one to three family recipes because you are making a family keepsake cookbook. They can send the recipes via email to you. Also ask them to send a photo of them and the bride-to-be if possible attached to the recipe or via snail mail. These photos will be cut, so if it is an orignal, have them send a copy or make a copy for them. If there are family members who do not have computers, you will have to make the initial contact via regular mail.

Also let everyone know in the email that there is a firm deadline for recipe and photo submission, and that you will send reminder emails two weeks before the recipes are due.

Step 2

As you receive the recipes for the family, cut and paste them into your word processing prgoram and print them out. Using a paper cutter or scissor, cut the photo or photos to fit. Tape any photos you have recieved and tape them to the page you have printed. You might want to create a master checklist of who you sent the emails to and who has responded.

Step 3

While you are waiting for the responses, create a cover page for the family keepsake cookbook like the one in the photo. You can also write an introduction for the first page. When I did this for my niece, I told her that the extra empty binder pages were for recipes from her future husband's family, because this is her family cookbook. Now she has another side of the family!

Step 4

Once you have received all of the recipes and formatted the photos for the family keepsake cookbook, go to Staples and copy each page on a color copier. The pictures will come out crisp and clean, even the old back and white ones.

Step 5

At home, organize how you want to place the recipes in the keepsake family cookbook. After you put the introduction page in the first page protector, start putting in the recipes back-to-back, two to a page. Keep the original recipe pages in a safe place.

At the bridal shower, be prepared for lots of ooohs and aaaahs over this family keepsake cookbook. Don't be surprised if some of the family asks you to make a copy of the recipes for them!

Tips & Warnings

If you want this cookbook to be a surprise, then say that in the email.

This project takes time because people need to look through albums and recipe books of their own. That is why you need to start this project in advance.

Before you head to Staples, look for money saving coupons.

Save the masters you have created. This gift can be done again and again. Just change the photos for the next bride!