A good free printable lease agreement template will be separated into sections like an outline, so be prepared to make a coherent and structurally sound organization for your housing agreement. This article will help you create that sound structure and even give suggestions for things you might want to include in your free printable lease agreement.

Each step will be the start of a new section with possible subheadings beneath it unless otherwise stated.

Things You Will Need



Step 1

Begin the free printable lease agreement template with who the contract is between and the date the agreement goes into effect.

Step 2

Clarify who each person is in relation to the lease agreement. The landlord should come first, followed by the tenant. Example:

1. Landlord

The Landlord is: ________

and will be referred to in this lease agreement as the Landlord.

2. Tenant

The tenant is: ________

And will be referred to in this lease agreement as the Tenant.

Step 3

Clarify what property is being used in the housing agreement. If it is only a portion of a property, such as an apartment, be specific by including the address and the apartment number.

Step 4

State the date the housing agreement will come into effect and what terms it will continue on. Example:

The lease will begin on October 1, 2021 and continue for one year.

Step 5

Note how many people will be allowed to live on the property and what the property may be used for. Use names if you want the most thorough apartment agreement. Example:

A. The only person living in the Leased Premises is: ________

B. The Tenant will use the property only as a residence.

Step 6

Clarify how much the rent will be and when it should be paid. Example:

A. The amount of rent is $500 to be paid monthly.

B. The rent is to be paid on or before the 1st of the month.

C. Check payments will be made payable to ________.

Step 7

If some utilities are included with rent, the ones covered and not covered need to be pointed out. This will keep there from being any discrepancies if you ever need to go to court with this free printable lease agreement. Example:

A. The Landlord will be solely responsible for the following utilities and services: electricity and gas

B. The Tenant will be responsible for any remaining utilities and services.

Step 8

Discuss maintenance and repairs in the next section. Example:

A. Landlord shall be responsible for maintenance and repairs about the Leased Premises unless caused by the negligence of the Tenant. The Tenant will be responsible for repairs caused by negligence.

B. The Tenant is not permitted to paint, make any alterations or improvements upon the Leased Premises without the written consent of the Landlord. Consent to a single alteration, painting or improvement is not consent for all future acts.

Step 9

Make a section, about a quarter of a page or more for the tenant to make statements about the condition of the property upon moving in. This is both for the protection of the landlord and the protection of the tenant; neither party will be able to blame the other for damage as long as every damage is written down in detail.

Step 10

Make notes for how it is appropriate to end the lease for both the landlord and the tenant. This would be like a 30 day notice for violations of lease agreement or some other details.

Step 11

Put a place for both the landlord and the tenant to sign and date that they agree with the terms and conditions of the free printable lease agreement.

Step 12

Print the free lease agreement so both parties can view and sign it.

A free printable lease agreement template set up in this manner will be able to be converted easily for use as a housing lease agreement, apartment lease agreement or even a roommate agreement form. Just fill in any necessary details and modify as necessary.