Chances are that at some point during high school or college you will be assigned a paper that requires you to write a thesis statement. Although the name sounds a little ominous, thesis statements are not that difficult to write if you know how. Here are some guidelines to keep in mind and rules to follow to help you write a good thesis statement.

Things You Will Need

Essay or research paper assignment


Step 1

Read the question prompt, and focus your thesis statement specifically on answering the prompt. A good thesis statement will completely answer the question and indicate research and evidence that you will discuss throughout your paper.

Step 2

Develop an intriguing thesis statement. Even if your topic is boring, you should develop a thesis statement that captures the reader's attention. A good thesis statement will encourage the reader to keep reading your essay to find out more.

Step 3

Make sure to keep your thesis statement consise. Do not wate the reader's time by including irrelevant data. Good thesis statements will address what you will write about in each of your body paragraphs and nothing else.

Step 4

Keep your thesis statement to one sentence. Many instructors take off points if your thesis statement is composed of mulitple sentences. The entire thesis statement should be composed between two periods.
Writing a good thesis statement takes practice, but it is not difficult. By following these guidelines, you should be able to write thesis statments that will improve the quality of your essay or paper. If you are still unsure if your thesis statement is good enough, by all means, take it to your professor to get approval and additional suggestions.

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