How to create a hidden folder in Windows to hide your sensitive material.

Many of us have personal files. Whether they are personal bank information or intimate personal pictures, there are many types of files that we would want to keep hidden from people borrowing our computers. Here is a step by step guide to create a hidden folder on your desktop.


Create new folder

1. First right-click on the desktop of your computer and hover over "New". Then select "Folder". This will place a new folder on your desktop. 

2. Now right-click on the folder you just created and select "Rename". Highlight the text under the folder, hold alt, and using the number pad (not the keys at the top of the keyboard) type 255. 

Rename the folder

After this step the file should not have any text below the picture of the file. Like this.

Rename File

3. Now right-click on the folder again. This time on the list that pops up select "Properties.

File Properties

At the top of the window that pops up, click the tab labeled "Custom". Then Towards the bottom of the window select "Change Icon".

Change Icon

4. Now in the new window there is a scroll bar at the bottom of the pictures. Scroll to the right until you see a couple of blank spots located between the pictures. 

Select Blank

Make sure to highlight this blank spot and click OK. Now click Apply and then OK.

5.  After the previous step you should be able to click on the spot where the picture of the folder used to be and it should highlight an empty box. It should look like this.


Be sure not to forget where at on your desktop the file is located. You can move it to anywhere you like and once you click away from the file nothing will show up in the file location.


Have fun and feel a little safer knowing that your files are slightly safer. Realize that this does not offer any kind of security from people searching for the files through your computer but do know that it visually hides the folder from any body glancing at your desktop.