Home gyms are all the rage today. They allow you to get a full body workout in the comfort of your own home. However, creating a home gym that fits your needs does not have to be overly expensive. There are a few key things that you will need to create a complete home gym; cardio equipment, toning equipment, pull-up bar and a full length mirror.

Used Cardio Equipment

One of the most used equipment in your home gym is likely to be your cardio equipment.

Though most people feel that they have to spend hundreds of dollars on a treadmill, they fail to see the value in quality used equipment. At stores like Play it Again Sports you can find used cardio equipment for a fraction of what you would pay new. I have personally bought a very nice treadmill for $75, an elliptical for $100 and have found a stationary bike for free on FreeCycle.org. If you shop smart, you will be able to find a great piece of cardio equipment on any budget.

Workout Videos

If you look on Amazon.com you can find quality workout videos for only a few dollars. Workout videos will give you a variety of toning and cardio routines. So if you cannot afford cardio equipment right now, $10 worth of workout videos is a great way to tide you over.

Resistant Bands

For only $15 you can find a set of resistance bands a Wal-Mart. Resistance bands give you the ability to do a variety of toning workouts. So instead of purchasing an expensive set of dumbbells, just get a set of resistance bands to give you the same results. Even better, they take up almost no room.

Pull-up Bar

At Wal-Mart, $35 will buy you a pull-up bar that can be used in any standard size doorway. A pull-up bar can give you an amazing upper body workout, using only your body weight.

Pilates Mat

A $10 Pilates mat is another great investment. It will allow you to do floor work on any surface comfortably. Whether it is Pilates, yoga or sit-ups, you are guaranteed to use it every day. Once you are done with it, just roll it up and tuck it away to give you more space.

Full Length Mirror

Again, at Wal-Mart you can find a full length mirror for $5. A full length mirror is essential in any home gym because it allows you to check your form, and since form is essential to any routine, it is a must. Make sure to use it while you are using your resistance band.

So why spend thousands of dollars when you can create a home gym on a budget. How cheap is this gym? If you total that up, that is a complete home gym for only $150. Talk about a cheap gym.