I wasn't really thinking about what I was going to be for Halloween this year until about two weeks before so when a fellow co-worker told me about a costume contest at local bar-and the cash prizes-I knew I had to try and make a cool costume on a cheap budget! So I started searching sites for ideas, when I got an e-mail from a make-up site I subscribed to, and they had a focus article on peacock make-up; this is where I got my first notion to create a peacock outfit. When I searched online, all I found were cheap-looking peacock outfits that didn't even have real feather, so I knew that is where I would start-with real feathers. I found a website that sold all kinds of feathers, and purchased about 40 short peacock feathers from them, along with the gold ribbon, blue/green/silver/and black sparkles, teal puffy paint, and mirrored gems for the other details of my outfit. A lot of the other materials are things that I had lying around my house already, so the costume materials that I had to buy were pretty cheap.

I started with a teal cocktail dress that I never wear anymore, and paired it with opaque black tights, and black high heels. I then used my peacock feathers, ribbon, hot glue, and mirrored gems to create a necklace, bust decoration, and waist decoration. After I created those feathered decorations I simply safety pinned them to my dress, so I didn't ruin my dress in the making! Next, I created my "tail feathers", where I cut a cone shape out of cardboard, and I pinned the peacock feathers all along the rounded edge of the board. I then took some cheap colored feathers that you can buy at your local retailer and covered the rest of the board in blue, green, turquoise, and white feathers. Lastly, I took my remaining feathers and created two earrings by hot gluing feathers to some earrings that I never wore anymore. To top off my peacock look, I took some bright sapphire blue, Kelley green, and lime green eye shadow to my eyes, and coated my lips with a metallic blue/black eye liner (and didn't lick my lips all night!!!).