The importance of creating a personal strategic plan is far greater than many people realize. If you have ever heard of the law of attraction and how positive thinking can hugely change your life, but you have never been able to actually do that for yourself, you have been missing the point. Even though positive thinking will change your life, you have to work for it and make the necessary changes yourself in order for the positive thinking take it´s fullest effect.

This is where a personal strategic plan comes in. In order to have success in your life, in any area you desire, you have to go through a disciplined thought process, which will lead you to making those important decisions and taking action on what really matters. A personal strategic plan will have you focus on your future and will let you shape yourself in to the person you want to be. It is a plan that lays out in detail what you do, why to do it, and how to get it done.

The idea behind creating a personal strategic plan is to help you:

  • Find your direction in life, so it has a purpose and meaning

  • Positively affect your future by making decisions

  • Work more productively so to achieve more in less time

  • Increase your performance

  • Focus your time and energy on what is most important

  • Get rid of anxiety, fear, doubt and uncertainty

  • Get the best out of the skill you already have

  • Greatly improve the quality of your life, by enjoying your time, money and freedom

You might think that life never goes according to plan, that there are always things happening that will put you down or have you change direction, but think about this for a minute:

How can it go according to plan, if you don't have a solid one laid out for you?

This is exactly where a lot of people go wrong and they end up complaining about how bad life treats them, how all these negative things seem to happen to them or they keep asking "why them". Even the power of positive thinking won't be able to change around a mindset if there is no plan to follow and no real vision on goals that you want to achieve. You have to know exactly what it is that you want and then plan the steps you have to make to get there.

There are a few things that any successful strategic plan needs to consist of:

  1. Personal philosophy: Everybody has a personal philosophy stemming from what you have learned in the past, influenced by your parents, religion, culture, friends etc. However, when you really think of it, there might be a lot of contradictions and inconsistencies in the way you think of your own personal philosophy and these will actually work against you when trying to achieve things.

  2. Core Values: our core values are what really matters to us, what we feel really strongly about so they become our guide through life.

  3. Legacy Statement: It will show you how you will want to be remembered and what for. This holds more importance than it might seem at first sight, but when you start thinking of what you want to be remembered for, you will notice it is the core of all things you will want to set out in your personal strategic plan.

  4. The Mission Statement: exactly what they do in business, the mission statement is a focused intentional declaration of who you are, why you are here and what you are going to achieve. A business without a clear focus, well thought out mission statement, will go nowhere and just wander around till it breaks up and dies. Guess what? Same will happen to you if you don't have a mission statement thought out for yourself!

  5. Ethics: your ethics, whether that is of conduct or speech, are all a reflection of your intent to make things happen, better understand ourselves, improve behavior and thus improve life.

  6. Goals: Basically you can divide all that happens in your life in 10 sections and you will need to write out and specify your goals for each and every single section. The key when setting out your goals is to make sure that they are specific, measurable and within a realistic time frame, so that they turn from dreams into reality. The areas you need to think of here are: personal, family, friends, health, career, community, finances, your household, spiritual and recreational.

  7. lifetime objectives: these need to be written in and affirmative matter, making is sound as if you are almost there. You can include them into your legacy and mission statement and the goal is to already be able to visualize, feel and experience the outcome you desire.

  8. Tweaking and check ups: it is great to have a set out personal strategic plan put in place, but you will have to do monthly check ups to see where you are, whether there are things you need to change or give priority first. Maybe there are things that you have already achieved but weren't expecting yet, so you have to always go back to your initial plan to see if maybe some of the things on there are unachievable (or maybe you don't actually want them anymore, now that things have started shifting and you have been working on other areas of your life that have been improving).

When completing a personal strategic plan in this matter, there is one more thing that you have to add, which is probably the most important of all…. When going over your plan, ask yourself WHY. You must identify, support and fully empower your reasons why you put certain things into your plan. Your reasoning behind wanting certain changes and goals will give you more energy and focus, more drive to become that successful person and achieve all your goals, turning dreams into reality.

They say the best way to predict the future is look at the past, because many people are unable to break through certain habits or make those changes in their life that have a real powerful effect on the future.

But with a personal strategic plan, the best way to predict your future is to actually create it yourself and know that you can. It can seem a bit daunting to start writing a plan and many people choose to follow a guide to facilitate the process and ensure themselves they are not leaving anything out. This is where the Personal Strategic Planning Program comes in, which is an exciting tool to focus your thoughts and challenge yourself in order to grow and reach for new heights, whether that be on a personal level, business, health, family or any other area in your life.